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Thanks for your interest in Kalugu.com. This is our bit to making a better world, kick-ass and have some fun on the way. Here is something about this initiative.

“Kalugu.com is a collo-blog or Citizen Journalism site. We will try to provide an eagles-eye view, providing keen insight as-well-as long-sightedness into current political, cultural and economic issues of South Asia. We strive to have a progressive, analytical and objective view of issues guided by a strong bias towards welfare of all sections of society.”

Who is your Target Audience?
Our target audience is Indians(both resident and non-resident), South Asians and others who would like to read about them or communicate with them.

What is your goal?
Indians and SouthAsians are spread around the world. This is an attempt to capture the collective wisdom from their many experiences.

This is an attempt of concerned humans to voice their opinion on happenings in SouthAsia.

World is going through difficult changes due to cultures/People/economies overlapping each other. Responding violently to the changes only makes it worser. I think we have a moral responsibility to encourage communication with respect and there by removing prejudice.

What do I write on?
You can write on all incidents under the sun, which you think our target audience will be interested in and will benefit them. But please make sure you have some value or information or news or a unique perspective to offer to the reader. This is not a place to vent our frustrations.

Why another news/opinion outlet?
Many current news media are biased towards a political cause or commercial cause and we feel many unrepresented views exist in the society.

We believe the collective wisdom of citizen journalism is more than the collective wisdom of traditional Journalism.

Why do I need a blog when I have one already?
A write might have a great blog and loyal audience. And may write on his area of expertise. Similarly I may write on my area of expertise. The readers end up in Silos. The idea is to collectively learn and share.

Can anyone Join?
We have so far focussed on progressive and humanitarian writers who have focussed on bettering the life of readers, removing ignorance and encouraging readers to make better and courageous choices. (according to our perception)

Who owns it?
Kalugu.com strives to be a non-profit operating out of US, managed by set of humanitarians.

Who owns the content?
We believe in power to the masses. Your posting is yours and you can re-post it anywhere else. Please do not re-post others posting or comments without due courtesy.

How do I start?
Leave a comment in this page with links to your work if you are already a blogger. If you do not have a blog, dont worry, leave a comment with a short summary of what inspires you to wrtie. We will contact you and explain the details of onboarding. Typically writers create a wordpress account at http://www.wordpress.com. We then enroll you as a contributor for Kalugu.com. After which one may be able to post articles directly.

Do you have any rules?
We believe in responsible and legal blogging. So you are your best editor. The editorial team reserves the right to not publish your article, if they find it unacceptable to our target audience or not in line with our spirit.


Kalugu Editor Team

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