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God’s own music

I have not heard any recent music and have experienced a surreal spiritual soothing experience. I use the word spiritual as it is the closest to describe the listening experience or because I may not know what it is exactly..

I have seen many creators do their best work when they are young and their output quality fade with age..But this musician is bucking this trend and is producing his best music in the second half of his career.

For best experience, you could try closing your eyes and just listening to the Music. You don’t need to understand the words to feel it. The long dead saint praised in this song has been in the news recently, so I will let you make out the context of this song and the musician. It is considered amongst the best work of the musician.

Written by Ronin

Ronin is a Technology Entrepreneur, Parent, Student, avid Reader and a global citizen

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AR Rehman’s famous Oscar speech, “Ella Pugalum Iraivannuke”

Written by Ronin

Ronin is a Technology Entrepreneur, Parent, Student, avid Reader and a global citizen

AR Rehman’s famous speech Highlights..

“Mera Pass Ma hai” (“I have my mother”. A reference to a dialogue in Hindi Movie “Deewar”, where the hero responds his to his brother  who asks,  “I have wealth, bungalow, power & respect. What do you have?”)

“Ella Pugallum Iraivanukke” (“I dont deserve the praise. Only god deserves it”)


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Valentine Special

by Sunderapandyan.

Here is a valentines day treat for Kalugu readers. Illayaraja’s masterpiece is bound to bring back the nostalgic memories of the 80’s.

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What is Slumdog about?

Written by Ronin.

I don’t understand what the ruckus is about Slumdog Millionaire. I suspect many who are commenting have not seen the movie. It is a suspenseful movie about Love..Often seen Indian masala story about the journey of a hero struggling to get his childhood love, executed really well. The heroes biggest struggle is not against poverty as much as attaining his love..And it is hardly about the million dollar he competes to win..Give a break, Guys! It may be that we are conscious about others seeing our poverty than us seeing it. There have been much worser movies on poverty and bad villains in slums in Hindi and all regional languages in the 70s and 80s.

And yes I do consider the title “dog” is insensitive, irrespective of whether its a richdog or poordog..Don’t miss a good love story because of any notions.

And here is the racy victory song from AR Rehman..

ps: Btw Lathika is pretty.

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