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Caves and Cavemen


This poem was penned on the way to work. I originally envisioned it as a blog comment to share the pain of a poet who was censured and asked to apologize in writing by other Indian writers. It can be taken as a jibe on inertia to imagination, insecurities sometimes termed as culture or high-priests faced by the common Indian man on average day. for ex, it can be termed against castes, hierarchy or even own limitations etc. The poem is kept intentionally simple.

Caves and Cavemen

My father and mother brought us up in a cave,
Just like their fathers and mothers before.
The caves were cozy and moist,
and shielded us from angry gods and jealous neighbors

When your windows shake with winds
or kids sneak out through your windows
I sleep in peace, as we never had any windows
indeed my cave is cozy, moist and safe

Our caves have been the envy of men and women
invaders and marauders eye our caves
I don’t blame them
as my cave is cozy, moist and safe.

I travel to unknown lands in my journey
and might not even come back
So I forget not to shove my cave in my suitcase
‘cos my cave is cozy, moist and safe.

by Ronin

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Luckylook, the Star Entertainer of Tamil blogs

[If you don’t like Luckylook and want to skip all the sugar-coating, please go to the last few paragraphs]

If you are a reader of Tamil blogs, you don’t need an introduction to Luckylook.

He Looks better in Photo!

He looks better in Photos!

His blog has recently touched the 1,000,000 hits mark. I felt it more appropriate to write a post appreciating his efforts, rather than just posting a comment. I am not certain if his blog is the first Tamil blog to reach this mark. Even if not, it must be one of the early Tamil blogs to touch the 1 million mark.

I was talking to a writer from chennai, She mentioned in passing (with a little frustration), that the current younger generation’s biggest involvement in TamilNadu is teasing each other (“Kalaithal”). LuckyLook’s writing flourishes in this genre very well. It has many light-hearted, breezy posts that resonate with your inner-heart. But this light heartedness belies an USP he carries. His puns and satire are mind-blowing specifically when he teases himself self-deprecatingly. And you can clearly see he enjoys batting for the underdogs, and has a undeniable affection to his society. His parody, pun and morality in his posts, remind me of the writing of an old master of pun and satire. Please hold your breadth- Mr. Khushwant Singh. This is in no way an attempt to get into the iconoclastic culture or comparison culture. But a familiarity, I felt while reading few of his best posts. Let me introduce one of the posts, I enjoyed very much. I wish it had reached a larger reading sphere, rather than Tamil readers alone:

Revolution is Coming!

Revolution is Coming!

Revolution is coming!

The protagonist talks of his journey as a neo-convert into the Communist party of India, and his struggles meeting the self-righteous expectations of a local communist leader humorously. The post parodies the average communist’s dream of the much awaited revolution, more like a religious judgment day or End of Kaliyuga. There is another similarity to Khushwant’s writing-He weaves his story along with contemporary events or historical real-life events. For ex, the story touches on failed dreams of communists, souring Dravidian politics and Eelam war.

He is at his best when he writes with self-deprecating wit, than while mocking another subject. For ex, the below posts goes into his dilemmas and fears passing from the teens to 20s humorously.


He is indeed an opinionated writer, and I see recent attempts to get more bolder with his writing. He is also seen writing surprising commentary on every topic under the sun such as James Bond, Comics etc. He surprises us with his political knowledge sometimes. That brings us to one of his unique points. He is a follower of two leaders(Thalaivars). Non-Tamils, Please don’t be alarmed! Many Tamils typically have 2-5 leaders at any point of time in our lives. One of them is mostly a movie hero. Luckily his leaders are not movie stars but..writer Charu Nivedita and Politician M. Karunanidhi.

He unashamedly and unrelentingly bats for TamilNadu CM M. Karunanidhi, and might even win a faint admiration for it. Recently he is showing signs of questioning his loyalty. Many a times, you do see the pressure of day-to-day blogging and hits in his writing. And when he runs out of topics, he mostly talks about breasts(reminding me of Mr. Singh again) or posts pictures of half-naked women.

He is a writer to watch out for.. Congrats LuckyLook..

by Ronin

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I have a Dream

I know, some of you might scorn reading the title of this article. I can also hear some of you saying: “Does he really think, he has big dreams like Martin Luther King Jr.”

Well, I hope you will agree – that to have a dream, one need not be intellectually or ideologically in par with Martin Luther King, Jr. Each individual have a right to dream – about how the world should be. Recently in my son’s school they celebrated Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday and every kid was asked to color the portrait of Dr. King Jr and write about his/her own dream in a piece of paper.

When kids as young as 5 are having the liberty and freedom to dream, don’t you agree that I also deserve the freedom to express my dream?

Here goes my list of dreams:

  • Indian National Congress party (Congress-I) electing its party president democratically based on his/her own merit and content, instead of choosing based on the genes of Nehru dynasty.
  • Bharathiya Janatha Party (BJP) is pledging to build houses for every poor family in the India instead of building Ram temple at Ayothya. Truly working on the agenda of creating Makkal (People) Rajya instead of Ram Rajya.
  • Communist parties of India {CPI & CPI (M)} are conducting seminars on how to improve productivity of the factories and teaching the workers about the importance of performance based wages and bonuses.
  • Dravida Munnatra Kalagam (DMK) is bringing resolutions in the parliament to fix the age restriction (less than 70) to those who hold the Prime Minister, Chief Minister and counsel of Ministers position and restrict number of times each person can hold those positions to 2. Amazingly both the laws were passed in Lok sabha and Rajya sabha (both houses of parliament) with 100% majority.
  • Anna Dravida Munnatra Kalagam (ADMK) is voicing for press freedom, importance of collective leadership and supporting the opponent party based on Issues. It also promotes the middle level leadership and listens to the wish of the people.
  • Karnataka government releases Cauvery River water as per the need of the Thanjavoor farmers although it has surpassed the Cauvery Tribunal court verdict quantity in the current fiscal year.
  • Tamil film actors are acting only in the films rather than in politics.
  • Indian Central Government and Tamil Nadu State Government collectively agreed to ban the word “BAN” to promote freedom of speech in Tamil Nadu and else where in India.
  • Sathyam Computers posted the net loss of 5000 Crores in their recent financial statement and are conducting an international symposium on importance of “Integrity and Transparency” in the financial transaction of the corporations and businesses.

Although my dreams are next to Impossible, I still like to dream for the sake of dreaming.

Written by Kandhan.

An engineer by profession, Kandhan writes to promote progressive politics in India.

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Basic Instinct-Famous Sharon Stone Scene Remake

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Gujarat Riots: The Still Missing 228 and their Death Certificates

Written by R.P.Rajanayahem

R.P.Rajanayahem is a movie and literature Connoisseur. And a popular blogger.

What else can be done? Even after best efforts searching for the 228 missing, no clue has turned up about their whereabouts. Alas! Let’s issue them

Death Certificate

decides the Gujarat government. They just have to make a small correction, that  1180 are dead, rather than the 952 reported earlier. It is yet another minor detail that there were 24 children and 27 women amongst the 228 waiting to be issued Death Certificate. At last! After 7 long years, They are finally able to to close the case by issuing the Death Certificates. You can’t blame them. How long can they keep searching for the missing?

You seem disturbed!

Tell yourself to think of something else.

It does’nt even hurt anymore.

[Please read the original Tamil version and his other writings here]

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Letter to Dr. Kalaignar sir, chief minister, TamilNadu, India

Written by Shotgun Murugan on Feb 23rd, 2009

Dear CM Kalaignar sir,

I heard the sad news that you are not going to eat, until the Lawyers and police become friends again. The timing cannot be better, sir.

Today is Shivaratri. If you fast today, whatever you pray will come true, sir. You can pray for your family, along with fasting for the police. One stone, two mangoes sir!

Also, Even I and our tamil brothers all over the world are complaining, we are not able to eat after seeing the pictures of our Srilankan Tamil brothers and babies, who are killed in bombing in Srilanka. So I can understand your hunger sir. I also agree with you that all the killings in Srilanka has been stage managed by your enemies, to steal your post.

Your service is needed forever for our society sir, as we look at you as our leader. Please eat soon sir.

Always your dear younger brother,

Shotgun Murugan

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