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We welcome Malar Tamil to Kalugu.com

Malar Tamil was born in 1963 at Kumbakonam, India. Malar Tamil graduated from the Regional Engineering College – Trichy, India and obtained a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Madras and is at present based in Chennai, India. Although he started writing from his school days, the active period started during his four year residence in Singapore (1996 – 2000).

Malar Tamil has published more than eighty poems in the Singapore Tamil Daily ‘Tamil Murasu’ a publication of Singapore Press Holdings and the magazine ‘Singai Express’. The appreciation letters for his poems published in the magazine showed hearty responses from his readers. One of his poems was adjudged the ‘Best Poem’ in the bimonthly poetry review of the Association of Singapore Tamil Writers.

He was one among the three Singapore poets to participate in a grand Poetry recital program held at Singapore organised by the Tamil Language Movement with the support of the Government of Singapore. Subsequently the Radio Corporation and Television 12 of Singapore interviewed him.

United Television International also featured his poem ‘Friend’s Letter’ in their poetry serial ‘Suvadi’. This was telecast on January 30th, 2000 in the Vasantham Central TV Channel of TCS, Singapore. The National Arts Council of Singapore has included ‘ Consolation’ in their Millennium Poetry Publication ‘Rhythms’ (Four languages English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil) released in August 2000.

Malartamil was an executive committee member of Association of Singapore Tamil Writers during the year 1999-2000.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Malar Tamil to be a part of Kalugu.com.

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Welcome nefworldwide!

Couple of days ago, I had an interesting comment to the posting “do you know the answer?”. The post was a followup to a telephonic discussion I had with Sunderapandyan (could n’t you have chosen a smaller name?)

The commenter was nefworldwide. I clicked. I struggle with language and expressions a lot. And I may never be able to express my feeling better than a verse in his blog:

“What good am I while you softly weep
And I hear in my head what you say in your sleep,
And I freeze in the moment like the rest who don’t try,
What good am I?”


“What good am I if I know and don’t do,
If I see and don’t say, if I look right through you,
If I turn a deaf ear to the thunderin’ sky,
What good am I?”

What strikes me is the audacity of his hope..He has created an organization which is built on a few ideas. The ideas sound a lot similar to those of an old Indian man, we all know of..The idea is not new, but the location, belief and daring is new..

I wonder, if we are really that different..welcome my brother! We truly look forward to hear your opinions from the other side of the village..

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A kind note to Kalugu.com from filmmaker, Mr. Shekhar Kapur

I had a pleasant note in my mail awaiting for me, today morning. The first few words read:
“Wow ! I love ‘Kalugu’ ”

The mail was from international filmmaker(director of ‘Bandit Queen’, ‘Elizabeth’, ‘Mr. India’), Shekhar Kapur.

It could be his kindness and good-will that marks his note. But we gladly take it as a compliment and encouragement to Kalugu.com. He has graciously allowed us to share his viewpoints with our Kalugu readers.

I heard Mr. Shekhar Kapoor speak at the Kellogg business school, in a discussion about the future of Media. I expected him to be the familiar super-achiever showman kind,  impatient with the world. But he was surprisingly mellow and his deep empathy for mankind shone through in his discussion.  He put some remarkably interesting questions in my mind.

1. He speculated that future wars could possibly fought over fresh water. 
2. He asked why do we need Journalists/newspaper in future when citizen reporting/blogging  can be as good as, if not better than established press.

I admit that my interest in bringing thought-leaders under a blog umbrella was influenced by him. Thanks Mr. Shekhar.

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We welcome a new writer to Kalugu.com- Dr.R.K.Rudhran

We’re very excited to welcome a new writer to the Kalugu.com team: Dr.R.K.Rudhran

Dr.R.K.Rudhran is a popular psychiatrist from Chennai, India. You might have seen his face on TV shows or news magazine or public talks. Below are some lesser known facts about him from his blog,  rudhran.wordpress.com:

  • Artist and sculptor, self-taught -First group show at the age of 19, first solo show at the age of 31, Paintings and sculptures for many institutions.
  • Author of 14 books in Tamil – on psychology, psychiatry, philosophy and theater
  • Theater person till 1994, that is till the Museum theater went out of reach
  • Written and directed 11 plays in Tamil which include Oedipus, Macbeth, Kafka’s Trial, Metamorphosis and stage adaptations of LaSaRa’s Apitha
  • A concerned Indian

We’re thrilled to have him on board. I’ve always felt 2009 would be better. Dr. Rudhran is the first good news for Kalugu.com.

Please join us in welcoming Dr.Rudhran to Kalugu.com!

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