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Terminator Salvation (English Movie Review)

I was eagerly expecting the release of this movie, for reasons unknown, as my experience with sequels is that the first part is the best and the last is the worst with nothing more to the storyline but more and more extravaganza and graphics. I can list quite a few examples starting with “The Matrix” (I am a huge fan of the first sequel of Matrix)

But, I was in for a sweet surprise as “Terminator Salvation”, defies all the rules for a sequel and looks like a fresh start or in IT terms reboot.

Introduction of fresh faces “Christian Bale” (as John Conner), Sam Worthington (as Marcus Wright) gives a new lease of life to the story.


The film starts with Marcus Wright waiting in the death row, and ending up donating his body for scientific research.

Then it spans to 2018, the post-judgement day, where Terminators roam the earth looking for human survivors and capturing them. John Connor leads the resistance, with most of the survivors supporting him believing in the prophecy which states that John Conner is the chosen one to lead them to victory.

The story picks up heat, when Marcus Wright comes out of the rubble in this strange world, very confused about how he came here. There is some level of suspense here, as we are not sure if he is human or a Terminator, even after he helps Kyle Reese and the small child escape.

This sequel introduces many different types of Terminators, hydrobots – the submersible eel like terminators that swarm the waters, Transformer type Terminators that fly around and capture human survivors, and small Transformer like bike Terminators that are dropped by the flying Terminators to chase fleeing humans.

What really made it a chilling watch is that, the movie very much reflected what happened in Sri Lanka just a couple of weeks ago.

The concentration camp, where machines keep the humans, the cold blooded terminators bombing all places, especially those with human presence brings memories of what we read in the newspapers recently.

Williams a pilot in John Conner’s team says to Marcus Wright “Before, if you killed somebody, that usually made you a criminal. But in this world, all it means is that you’re probably a good shot.”

Williams also says this that shows the option available to the surviving humans in her world.

You know, Marcus,” “We can focus on what is lost. On what is past. Or we can fight for what is left.”

Another pertinent dialogue is John Conner’s broadcast to the surviving humans out there in the world.

“Above all, stay alive. You have no idea how important you are – how important you will become, each and every one of you.”

“Humans have a strength that cannot be measured by mechanical means, by the machines that struggle to understand us. Join us. Get to a safe area to avoid detection. Look for our symbol. Make yourself known. We will find you,” He pauses and then continues “I promise – we will win. But you, me, everyone, we all need to keep fighting. My name is John Conner. If you’re listening to this, you are the Resistance.”

Another chilling conversation that shows the ugly face of war

Ashdown (The military commander for the human army) says “We don’t have time. The command commences attack tomorrow. Your unit will be in support of the bombings of the skynet central.

Connor replies “Bombing? According to our latest intelligence, Skynet is filled with human captives. What is the extraction plan for the prisoners?”

Ashdown’s reply demonstrates their hard priorities and tough decisions when its a question of survival. Watch out with sharp ears to hear what Ashdow had to say while you watch this segment of the movie. 

A heart-warming, oft repeated dialogue in all Terminator sequels is “I will be back”. John Connor says to his wife Kate, before going on his mission to save the human prisoners and defeat Skynet Central, a major base for the machines.

“I will be back” – If you are reading this and believe, then you are the Resistance 😉

Written by Joy Arun

Joy Arun is an engineer who also works to spread education to the needy. He believes education is the foundation for a healthy society.

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2 Responses

  1. Kandhan says:


    Excellent write up and review. Machines are much better than Racist Sinhala only Sri Lankan regime.

    Those who are reading the news of “Genocide of Tamils” – Spreading the news against Sri Lanka – then you are the Resistance

  2. Superb review, Joy Arun!!! Violent, ruthless machines may be able to beat humans on barbarity and savagery, but they are no match for humans as machines have not even heard of words like ethics and morality. In the end, humans will achieve thier goal by making the machines pay for their vile, savage deeds. Just like it will happen in our neighbourhood.

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