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New leadership to emerge from Diaspora Tamils

Amidst several new revelations in the Sri Lankan crisis by the Tamils, Sinhalese and rest of the world, the Asia team comprising of India, Pakistan, China and Iran continues to reign in the rhettoric of “war on terror” despite the heavy cost of the war. UN is now on a damage control mode, after the leaked information on the casualties of 20,000 civilians in the last few days alone of the war. With the Sri Lanka government establishing that the LTTE has been eliminated from the face of the earth, the Tamils, especially the Diaspora seem to have gotten even stronger in their resolve for continuing the struggle.

While the UN Chief Ban Ki Moon reiterated the need for an international investigation to examine the war crimes of Rajapakse’s government, the Sri Lankan administration continued ignoring the growing resentment across the globe. In a statement to reporters on Friday at U.N. headquarters, Mr Ban Ki Moon said:

“Any inquiry, to be meaningful, should be supported by the members of the United Nations, and also should be very impartial and objective,”

“I would like to ask the Sri Lankan government to recognize the international call for accountability and full transparency, and whenever and wherever there are credible allegations of violations of humanitarian law, there should be a proper investigation.”

So far no Tamil has been quoted as welcoming the outcome of the war. Even hardcore Sri Lankan government supporter Mr. V. Anadasangaree has termed the conditions of the Tamils in the Manik Farm Camp as “horrible”.

Canadian Tamil Congress spokesman David Poopalapillai said he does not believe Mr Rajapakse even for a minute.  His organization has planned to hold several protests in Toronto and is also calling European Tamil organizations to hold protests. 

Jan's parents were teachers in Nigeria and Zambia where she lived in her youth. In England she lived in Southport in Merseyside, Croydon and Winchester.

In Europe young and elite leadership is emerging from the Diaspora Tamils. Rapper MIA endorsed Jan Jananayagan who is contesting as an the independent candiate to the EU Parliament. MIA appeared in several major media network, calling upon Londoners, to support Jan on a platform for Civil liberty. Jan holds an MBA from the INSEAD Business School in France and says she stands for, Individual Freedom, Financial Transparency and Effective Regulation, Equality and Diversity, Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship, Ethical Foreign Policy & Animal Welfare. Jan has been campaigning with all minority communities in London and the Sikh and Tibet community organizations have declared their support for her candidature.

The EU Parliament election is a win-win effort by Jan, with some visible results already – of the unifying Diaspora that is strengthening the freedom movement after the demise of the military wing of LTTE.

Out Look India’s Sadanand Menon observes the following:

..a newly articulate, million-strong, diasporic community with international connections is poised to step in. That is where the new leadership, new resistance and new political process will come from. This segment is better equipped to continue the struggle through constitutional means..

The Lankan Tamil community stands as a symbol of hope for civil liberty. With their resolve they are demonstrating that there is nothing called “defeat”. Their determination and focus is likely to result in the emergence of a new elite leadership for the Eelam Tamils.

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  1. Excellent article! Let’s hope Janani’s supporters and campaigners reach out to the native Britons in her constituency and take up their issues as well. While the support extended by other minority communities is great, she needs the native English people to vote for her as well if she is to emerge victorious, especially since she is contesting as an independent.

    I wish this wonderful lady all the best! I pray that she gets elected! God bless Jan!!!

  2. Sundar says:

    Dear Sunderapandyan,

    I am a keen reader of your articles, as your thoughts often reflect the global Tamil community’s thinking.

    However, on this occasion, I would like to make a humble request to reconsider the use of the word “elite”.

    As you may know, our community has been one of few very unfortunate ones that has been victimised by the misuse of the word in question.

    A few decades ago, there were some who wanted to confine Tamil representation to the “elite”. So, the word has a negative connotation.

    But the Tamil liberation movement is one of ordinary men and women who rose to the challenge. From Mr Pirapakaran to Ms Jananayagam, none of us are “elites”; simply, we are hard-working men and women who believe in the right our people to determine their own political, social and economic future.

  3. Sunderapandyan says:

    Sundar. I personally like the word elite. However, I understand yous perspective and I respect my readers view points and hence, I have changed it to “New leadership”.

    Thank You for the comment and advice.

  4. Sundar says:

    Dear Sunderapandyan,

    Thank you for considering my comment.
    The word in itself is very inspiring, but, unfortunately, it had been abused by our early day ‘leaders’ like Mr Anandasangaree.

  5. Sri Lankan says:

    Jan Jananayagam is a terrorist supporter. Hopefully she will not win the election to the European parliament. It would be bad for India and Sri Lanka. I saw her arguing in Al Jazeera and she doesn’t know her facts. Comparing the Tamil cause to jews is an insult to the millions of jews who died under Hitler.

  6. malarthamil says:

    The Sinhala Sri Lankan fear will die only at the moment of birth of Ealem. Until then they will imagine a terrorist in each and every Tamil they see.( They will die by Fear and Fear and there is no matter in this world that they fear not.- Bharathi)

    Prabakaran cannot be considered as the only leader who could achieve Ealem. The leaders to come shall be more powerful than Prabakaran. Hereafter words and actions shall outsmart the guns and violence.

    • Indika yapa says:

      But we were told by your diaspora at a time that LTTE was invincible. it was told by yopur people like anton balasingham.

      please tell me what is the correct version

    • Sunderapandyan says:


      There are very few leaders who inspire millions to follow their deals. There are very few leaders who make millions realize what they should fight for. There are very few leaders who make their million followers as leaders.

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  8. Selva Kumar says:

    The man who is going to bring change to Eellam is Indian Tamil Vijay Chappani in Canada, who is going to become Liberal MP and very powerful in India and Israel. They say he is going to be the Obama of Canada.

    • Nithyananthan says:

      It is interesting. I am much eager to know more about him, please.
      Thank you, Mr. Selva Kumar. May God bless you.

    • Indika yapa says:

      Thank you very much Selva kumar for the piece of information. as i write later we will be seeing bloody battles being waged in those beautiful cities like Ottawa, Canberra etc in the name of Tamil Ealam. This is exactly what we saw during the 30 years of Tamil exteamism in sri lanka.

      Congratulations Canada, for getting a application form to receive a number one headache. any how we in sri lanka found the correct pill for the disease.

  9. malarthamil says:

    Selva kumar

    There will be no more Indian tamil or Ealem Tamil or Canadian Tamil in the context of attaining Ealem. It goes beyond languages and boundaries. The issue is not about the liberation and Freedom. It is a matter of Justice.

    If Sinhala in Lankla accept that there is boundary between Tamils and Sinhala, then there will be no problem.

    If they say there is no boundary separating Tamils and Sinhalese in Lanka, they will also see that such boundaries could not exist even among Tamils living in various countries. Further there will be no boundaries separating Tamils and Non Tamils of any Origin in this struggle for Justice.

    Ealem can no more be localised. It is already reaching all corners of this planet.

    The Governments and the world bodies may support Government of Sri Lanka at this time much against the principles of Civilized society just based on the existing majoritarian rules authorizing the Genocidal Governments.

    But we will change such rules.

    If the humanitarian issues are decided based on the number of votes it is ridiculous to think about it.

    How can a matter of justice can be decided by the number of votes? It should be decided by a set of universal rules.

    It is this practice of votes accepting injustice that we are going to target and change, for the purpose of setting right the injustice meted out to Tamils and for any injustice in waiting for any enslaved nation in this world in future.

    We need to leave our physical boundaries of countries and psychological boundaries of language or culture for ultimately awarding justice to a sage imprisoned by a rogue.

  10. tmorgan says:

    It seems those who are commenting only see the negative light in which GoSL falls.
    They would benefit from reading
    “Buddhism, conflict and violence in modern Sri Lanka” by Deegalle Mahinda
    It’s available for free reading at http://books.google.com/books?id=4iA2IoBzXXEC

    Diaspora have supported Red Cross, Doctors without Borders and similar NGO’s for a long time. New NGO GlobalMedic also has our support. Of course we don’t support GoSL & their embassy routes for aid since we suspect them of funding terrorism against northern Tamils or just good public relations for western media consumption. “GoSL terrorism” What other description can I use for Lanka’s long history of prosecution failures when the victims are Tamil and the perpetrators are often Sinhala Police or military? Am I to take comfort that Sinhalese journalists are also victimized?

    GoSL hard at work for Tamils

    Even hardcore Sri Lankan government supporter Mr. V. Anadasangaree has termed the conditions of the Tamils in the Manik Farm Camp as “horrible”.

    Gary Anadasangaree hard at work here in Canada to benefit persons of all faiths in Sri Lanka

    Sinhalese have some Bengali origin genes but they are basically the same “race” of people as Tamils. Any geneticist will tell you this. Even Sinhala mythical heritage acknowledges inter marriage with Tamil women of the Island. Genetically, Sinhalese are also Dravidians. There are 2 main causes for the ethnic problem:

    1. Aryanism European ideas introduced (due to sincere academic investigation of linguistic & racial heritage of island peoples) during British “divide & rule” which would later corrupt Protestant Buddhism’s rejection of religious Universalism in 1915. The rejection of Universalism and misinterpretation (by some Sinhalese) of Mahakam’s inadvertently equated to advocacy of racism on the Island.
    These Aryan ideas are not widely known or held by the majority of Sinhalese but you will see it expressed among bigots when they talk about “Dravidian slaves,” sing about “raping the [Tamil] women of Vann,” or generally praising their “Lion blood.”

    2. Failure of successive Governments of Sri Lanka (including the present govt) to recognize, prosecute or punish crimes against Tamils especially those committed by Police or military personnel. This is correctly perceived as government complicity in anti-Tamil attacks.

    There is peace and even prosperity to be had for Tamils in the Sinhalese south but they also live with the fear of anyone in uniform and fear of thugs who sometimes carry or wear Lion images (a reactive response to the Tamil Tiger symbol which in turn is a reaction to the GoSL Kandyan kingdom flag). Diaspora Tamils have a very negative interpretation of the Sri Lankan flag’s segregated ethnic/religion colors as representing the Kandyan Lion’s dominion over Hindu Tamils (orange) and Muslims (green).

    I encourage all to review http://virtualjudah.wordpress.com/2009/05/24/an-epitaph-for-tamil-eelam and http://www.srilankaguardian.org/2008/10/sri-lanka-is-republic-not-sinhala.html

    While you may live under GoSL press restrictions and “white van” intimidation, the truth is out there on the internet if you are willing to seek it.

    The peaceful message to GoSL from our new elite diaspora leadership for the uplifting of Lankan Tamils is simple, “TAG [Tamils Against Genocide], you’re it!”

    “Terrorism doesn’t just blow up buildings; it blasts every other issue off the political map. The spectre of terrorism – real and exaggerated – has become a shield of impunity, protecting governments around the world from scrutiny for their human rights abuses.” – Naomi Klein

    “Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime” – Ernest Hemingway

  11. Indika yapa says:

    Dear Editor,

    This article itself shows the importance of erradicating communal extreamism. The world is a place for different people with different values. This so called Tamil diaspora is now telling of something called Tamil ealamm under a different alternative leadership. But to be practical a land should be their to create a state. For Tamil Diaspora sri lanka is not a option( I mean not Tamils in sri lanka. they are our Brothers and we can share this tiny island) I would rather like to compare the effort of Tamil diaspora to that of God Father( That Novel) making a crime entity covering cities in states. Yes the world will see a new wave of crime in the name of tamil ealam. Most probably they will start their bloody campaigns initially against sri lanklan and Indian interest and with time it will grow in to a sizable treat to those people who sung llulabye to those monstaers. As can be seen in above article this new theat will be composed of not only tamils living in abroad all minority extreamits will joint hand in this struggle. then one day we can see in reality a hell hole in those countries.

  12. sylvia says:

    It is unfortunate for Tamils everywhere that the LTTE was so ruthlessly violent, obtaining much of its overseas funding through extortion, gun and people smuggling and other horrible crime.
    It has tainted any honourable cause the Sri Lankan Tamil cause ever had.
    Tahil diaspora here in Australia achieved some strong publicity just prior to the fall of the LTTE, but then some hothead Tamils broke into 2 Sinhalese students home in Sydney, and poured acid on their sleeping faces. The young Sinhalese students are blinded and maimned for life. The reaction from Australians was to label the Tamil movement as violent extremists, and see the movement in the same light as Al Quieda. Indeed, after the initial headlines over the incident, the Tamil ‘activists’ are in disgrace, and have achieved zero publicity – and it is unlikely they will ever be taken seruiously again.
    If any Tamil leadership appears therefore, I believe it should not come from the diaspora, it should be in Tamil Nadu or Sri Lanka. And if one does appear, it should only use peace and mediation, because at the first sign of violence, they will be marginalised once again.

    • ‘sylvia’ – typical Sinhalese (mostly GoSL paid coolies) typing utter rubbish! You are not fooling anyone posting under english names. The incident in Australia was done by thugs paid by the GoSL and Sinhalese extremists/racists. Tamils are helping the Australian Police find the criminals and when they do, Sinhalese will hang their head in shame when the truth comes out.

      (BTW: Sunderapandyan, thanks for the article)

    • Sylvia says:

      Let me once and for all put this to rest.

      Yes, Iam Sylvia Senile-ratne from Bambalapitiya, Colombo.

      Yes, Iam paid by GoSL. In fact the GoSL pay 200,000 other online journalists to scout the net and put up pro-sinhala propaganda. I accept this is the aid money paid by Mr.Singh and our chingchong friends to re-habilitate tamils in the North. So what?
      I get paid, that the end of the story.

  13. Prakash says:

    Dear all, I can see how much other people like Sylvia are worried about the rise of Tamils from ashes – in fact, the start of rising! Put aside your assumptions and see what the new leadership has to offer, before you start being paranoid & giving wrong signals.

    Remember, you are talking to a race, which has been mutilated. The race has been taught a great lesson and they will show it in their next steps to face the new century.

    History is not written over few months, so be patient. My message to the new leadership is – keep it going.

    • Sylvia says:

      Prakash. You confuse me. It is not the Tamils who are in ashes. Tamils are a proud and noble people, native to Tamil Nadu, with a recorded history going back 2 millenia.
      No, it is the LTTE that is in ashes – a violent group of criminals, classified as terrorists in 32 of the worlds most developed countries.
      By confusing the two, you do Tamils everywhere a disservice.

    • Tamils are not native to Tamil Nadu ALONE! Tamils are the natives of Tamil Eelam as well, as much as the Sinhalese are natives of Sinhala Lanka. Some misinformed souls need to be aware of history before acting as the paid propaganda agents of the most notorious war criminals of the 21st century – the Rajapaksa rogues!

    • Prakash says:

      Sylvia is so funny! 🙂 Ignorance is bliss, and she is heaped up with it. May the almighty keep her that way.

  14. Indika yapa says:

    That is the main and deadliest problem of this tamil diaspora. they want other poor less fortunate tamils to fight their war on behalf of them and shed others blood for a cause far distance from their war. it is like what the great supporters of Tamil Cause French are doing with their infamous french ligion ‘shedding non french blood to win the french interest.

    This diaspora needs to see crocs in the every tea pots. they want to live a happy life abroad. for that they need constant uproars in those countries.

    I am pity with those peple who are paying taxes in those countries. See your own moneies are being robbed by these thugs. please tell your representatives that enough is enough

    I hope most of these problems are a good in come source for people like david Silly bandof Uk and Kushner of france

    we have a sayting in sri lanka If you sleep with a dog you will have to waqke up with lice

    that will be a more practical jokes for people in those copuntries

  15. sylvia says:

    Help save the Tamils? who are you? why do you write anonamously.. ?
    I live in Australia, Sydney where this offense took place, I wrote to and received an apology from the Tamil activists here (Sam Pari – do google her and ask her) regarding this incident. And it is true that the noble Tamil reputation is damaged because of this obscene thuggery. I am not an activist for any side, I simply advocate peaceful resolution.
    It is true that in war, truth is the first casualty… I suggest that you also do you best to tell the truth, rather than resort to racist taunts.

  16. Nithyananthan says:

    We see some newly joined but poorly trained Sinhalese and Tamil-speaking gossipers with partly completed crash courses and classroom coaching. Instead of welcoming them whole-heartedly, we are compelled just to keep quiet because of their repelling uncivilized impolite Sri Lankan style comments. The comments speak very well word-by-word about their intention and motivation. We have been cautioned about these people. Their main duty / task is to scan the websites and respond / attack accordingly. Colombo as the Center, they are functioning in embassies in capitals, consulates in major cities. Let them bark. Let’s not respond or mind about – just ignore.
    Firstly, let’s understand that they are carnivorous and hardened non-vegetarians, and now they have knowingly walked into this Vegetarian Hotel without observing dress-code and showing their true colours. In Colombo, these people may just walk-in into the Galle-Face Hotel with sarong – but let them not here. We should not allow that to happen hear. Cap is still flying in the air! Let’s ignore!

  17. Raj says:

    The poll results are out…

    I think the following image describes Jan Jananayagan quite well:

  18. Arun says:

    Hi Author,

    This is an excellent article and 5 stars to you. This highlights the beginning of a new era.

    When Jews were persecuted by Hitler, they spread all over the world, gaining knowledge, wisdom, financial strength and more power to build their own homeland which is in-formidable now.

    If we read through history, we find that History repeats itself every few hundred years. Only the names and the geography change. But the core is the same. Evil rises and grows so strong that it thinks it is invincible, only to stumble and die.

    Eazham is not about a piece of land. It is about Justice and Self-respect, not just for Tamils, but to everyone, including those just Sinhalese who raised their voices against the evils and terror unleashed by the GOSL.

    Many who supported Hitler in his initial stages, later realized that they were feeding a monster, which swallowed everyone in its way. The same is the case now.

    First GOSL said that, it was the LTTE that was wicked. It was said that LTTE got their funding by extortion from the Tamil Diaspora. Now when LTTE is gone, the entire Tamil Diaspore has become evil.

    First GOSL said that violence was the problem. But, now even peaceful ways of requesting for social justice is being adjudged as abetting violence.

    GOSL has taken the liberty to even condemn Hillary, Gordon Brown, Ban ki Moon and anybody who questions their actions.

    Just one question.

    What has been done to restore justice for the Tamils, since the battle ended? They are still in concentration camps. They cannot go back to their homeland, while the president is still celebrating his victory, giving a tour of his trophies to his friends and families.

    Actually, after writing this, i realized that i have wasted my time trying to tell the obvious to the blind and deaf people (I am referring to GOSL and its mercenaries).

    Eazham is already born. People like Jan and MIA are proof of it.

  19. Sunderapandyan says:

    Thank You Arun.

    For a determined person, there is nothing called defeat.


    Ms Jananayagam campaign staff, put the impressive result down to the borough’s large multicultural population.

    He said: “It’s not just the number of Tamils in Redbridge – we’ve had a lot of support from Indians, we’ve had donations from Hindu temples, people in the Sikh community, the Bangladesh community and Jewish people too.

    “We had some support from a synagogue in Woodford Green. I think for Jewish people what is happening to the Tamils brings memories of the internment camps and Holocaust of the Second World War.

    Jan might not have gained enough numbers to go to the Parliament, but looks like she gained something valuable – trust of several communities.

  20. les says:

    Arun, your post is moving. Many people do not understand this conflict in SL began before any LTTE existed. For one it has shown clearly to the west that with the supposed demise of the ltte, the Tamils here in the west remain united and better still, more than motivated. The Sinhalese are going to end up loosing more than just their international reputation by the time we are done with SL.

    Keep up the good work.

  21. Prakash says:

    A wonderful comment explaining what is Eelam. Kudos!

    “…but looks like she gained something valuable – trust of several communities.”
    is the best comment on what is needed for Tamilians. At large, I have always seen Tamils being misinterpreted because of their maintaining indepdendent views and attitudes. But history has proven, Tamils have always paid with their lives, if necessary, to protect those who believed in them.

  22. Sylvie says:

    Congratulations a certainly due for Jan Jananayagam. Her 50,000+ votes in the European elections – has made her one of the most successful independent candidates ever.

    She gained more votes than some political parties in the London region and more than all the other independents in the UK put together.

    Whilst she is a spokesperson for the Tamils, was backed by some Sri Lankan community groups, as she used her own internet site to mobilise support for her candidacy, had a range of policies including financial transparency, the environment and women’s rights.

    But it was the alleged treatment of Tamils in her native Sri Lanka that provided the main focus for her campaign.

    ‘Positive feedback’

    She told BBC News: “It was one issue, but it appealed to a broad range of ethnic minorities generally. They identified with the wider civil liberties issues such as stop and search and how the anti-terror laws are being used to stop them.
    “Ordinary people liked it. I got a lot of positive feedback on my leaflet.”

    My sincerest congratulations to her: she has demonstrated that people respect and respond to peaceful and civilised reason, which is far more effective than the violence that some people on this site have been continuing to advocate.

  23. Prakash says:

    I am happy to see that you are encouraging the new leadership and their vision.

    About your comments on encourgaing violence shall be ignored, owing to your lack of knowledge on suffering Tamilians. You are yet to read the history – atleast the past 60 years, I believe.

  24. Sylvia bennett says:

    does this comment mean that you advocate more violence?

  25. les says:


    “About your comments on encourgaing violence shall be ignored, owing to your lack of knowledge on suffering Tamilians. You are yet to read the history – atleast the past 60 years, I believe.”

    What if your wrong, and the person in question does know the history. Though, merely chooses to ignore the most relevent parts. Prakash you of all posters should know the Sinhalese mind-set. They live and believe what they want to believe. Even when the entire world is telling them otherwise, they use words to cover up attrocities commited to our people. Words like “Tamil Grievences” “Tamil Rights”. Then they call the LTTE savage terrorists. Now that they believe the LTTE is gone, that anger has moved onto the dispora whom they cannot torture, rape, beat, stab, maime or kill. In fact, even our own governments are taking a blind eye to anything we do. There is a lot of resentment in English political circles towards Sri-Lanka. In 2004 Britain and western countries gave huge humanitarian and financial support to a Sri-Lanka traumatised by the tsunami. The SL government promised to share this with the Tamils who also suffered in the South East. To this day nothing has been done to help the Tamils. The SL government later claimed in 2007, they could not give aid because the LTTE would take it. Even though they recognised the LTTE as a government of sorts back in 2002 and the aid was given to SL on the basis of sharing it with the LTTE led administration. The president has kept the promises he made to the Sinhalese and only the Sinhalese.
    What makes me laugh was there was no such thing as Tamil protests until 1960. There was no such thing as a federal Tamil state part of SL until 1970. There was no such thing as an independant Tamil Elam until 1973. There was no such thing as armed resistance until 1980. There was no such things as an LTTE until 1983. There was no such thing as SL loosing control of a 1/3 of their country until 1999.

    As you see everytime the Sinhalese perform crimes of terror on the Tamil people, we just rise and rise. We have always falllen, but picked ourselves up in the process.

    Regardless of what peoples views are of the Tamil struggle for freedom and rights, we must all agree to have the Tamil people freed from their captivity in those camps. We must all join hands, non tamils and Tamils to demand access to the Tamil only civilians being held in those camps, along with a war-crimes investigation.

    Anybody who does not join this call, is not a peace loving person. The only people are the Sinhalese moderates and extremists who both know that the stories getting out what happened will ensure they do not have the right to call two peoples one.

    That is why we have one or two posters on this board out of the very many, who talk about the Tamils and violence as if it is something ongoing. It does not matter wether we support a resistance movement by violence or political means. What matters is right now, there is no violence ongoing in Sri-Lanka, land of the Sinhalese. We need our tamil brothers and sisters to be freed. The truth needs to come out wether the Sinhalese want to hear it or not. Its a shame that even Sinhalese moderates don’t want the truth to come out for fear of loosing their country to political pressure from international democracies. Please note that Sri-Lanka is the only democracy since 1948, to subjugate, torture, rape and kill numerous of its citizens of one ethnic make up. Only Tamils have been killed. Right now I am in talks with the political history department of our government in asking them to clarify the 100k casualties as being Tamil rather than Sri-Lankan. The majority of those killed by the war are Tamils. Overwhelming majority. Expect change.

    One thing good about Jan Jananayagam is that she fully supported the tigers. Before any mass murder of tamils occured, when interviewed by the BBC she explained that this would happen. Many of her critics, especially those of Sinhalese origion, lambasted that as propaganda. Now those same critics are panicing, knowing that they were wrong, to try convince free-thinking people of this world to not investigate their country.

    There are a great many things us Tamils can do here in the west. One of those should be to get our governments to issue travel warnings and travel bans to Sri-Lanka. To stop their student exchange programmes. To stop any sort of aid.

    The country is totally dependant on aid.

  26. sylvie says:

    Les: whenever I ask if you would yourself advocate violence, I am met with silence. So I ask again: would you split open a child with a machete?
    This is what violence is: this is what your continued attempt to inflame hatred does.
    As someone in the West, I believe you should be helping the Tamils in SL recover – or get off your well-fed backside and go there yourself to help.
    I have now researched and have, I believe, the true account of the last hours of Prabhakaran’s life, his final plans and how he died. Would anyone like me to publish it here?

  27. Prakash says:

    I understand your point, I was under the impression of explaining our point of view will result in non-Sinhalese understanding the situation, or even moderate Sinhalese. I will continue doing that. Of course, I will stop my discussion, when the other party is not willing to “listen” and “think”.

    I wont thank you for the effort, as I believe it is all our responsibility in seeing common Tamil man “live” WITH PRIDE.

  28. sylvieshere says:

    Les and Prakash.
    still avoiding to my question? I’ll ask once more: do you advocate the continuation of violence in Sri Lanka?
    If you duck the question one more time, I’ll take it that you do want violent protest to continue.

    • Ronin says:


      I dont think anyone is asking for violence..Most are asking for a referendum for independence, federalism or status Quo..

      A simple vote of separation or not would be adequate..

  29. por says:

    Tamil extremism been slapped severely. If one is not prepared to face the consequences of taking arms against a state, then one should not do it. Tamils can only ‘live with pride’ once they have eschewed racism, fascism, bigotry and violence against non-Tamils. It’s the Tamils who were fighting to create a racist, Tamil-only country called “Tamil Eelam” and had butchered Sinhalese and Muslims and kept their areas Tamil-only. The rest of Sri Lanka is multi-ethnic and multi-religious.

  30. Prakash says:

    “The rest of Sri Lanka is multi-ethnic and multi-religious.”
    This is the funniest statement of the century! 🙂

    • Kumar says:


      Obviously, you have no idea of the demography of SL. por is correct in his statement. And you give others lectures on the need to know history and politics. Strange world indeed.

    • Prakash says:

      Demography of SL – certainly I am not an expert. Howeever, when I was in SL, I met a Tamil family whose house was charred by their SriLankan “neighbours”. Funny, poor SriLankans, they even took the flower pots from this Tamil’s house. Gung ho to their bravery 🙂

  31. sylvieshere says:

    You clearly don’t live there, Prakash.
    I have Tamil and Sinhalese friends there, who are very close friends with each other. They celebrate each other’s holidays, baby-sit each others children, and don’t have a racist bone in their bodies.
    I suggest you go there and learn a little more about Sri Lanka.

    • Nithyananthan says:

      While gladly acknowledging and endorsing Mr. Alien’s comments below addressed to Mr. Prakash; I am badly infuriated to deplore, the inhumane attitudes and immoral motives of these evils, in a language of their kind that they could understand but restrain myself within my reach of strictest decent terms to convey the message. These pests do not seem to have any sense of shame.

      Secondly, I have reasons to believe that the four commentators namely Sylvie, Sylvieshere, Sylvia and Sylvia Bannette are not different but one individual. We don’t have to be mindful about these people any longer. Yet, I am obliged to respond one of them.

      Thirdly, Sylvieshere doesn’t seem to be well aware of the problem in her country, perhaps pretending may be, thus exposing her lack of knowledge and / or deliberate ignorance. She has got to reassess her competency to continue jabbering on this forum. She is luring about friendship, taking-part in festivities and parties and baby-sitting and so on. These are the very common stocked lusty phrases used by these spin-doctors to propagate and show as examples of equality. In cosmopolitan and urban cities like Colombo, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi it is common. There is nothing to rave about it.
      What she is talking about is simple ‘Socialization’; nothing but else! In Ceylon (Sri Lanka), there never has been any serious social, religious or cultural problem ever inscribed on stones or known to be remembered until recent times – the 90’s. There had been a very few inducted, implanted and instigated religious – not social incidents, but not up to such magnitude to make impacts on social harmony.
      Then what is the problem in this island-country? It is cancerous – an ethno-centric political problem.

      Now, After April 2009, I am convinced that with all trials and tribulations the long existed and well-knitted ‘Social Fabric’ between Tamils and Sinhalese is irreparably torn apart beyond recognition. It is just hanging on single strand. IC is holding – for how long!

      So, I am sure of that these imposters and well-wishers are watching hourly developments in their country, on daily basis, as I do twice a day; and if they are sincerely and seriously involved in new nation-building, I politely tell them firstly to preach all those sermons to the champions of barbaric chauvinism like JVP and JHU. ‘Once bitten, twice shy’

  32. Prakash,

    I think it’s just better to ignore trolls like that por(ukki) and a certain nasty deviant creature. They are just here to inflame us and cause trouble.

    As for those (like “Sylvie”) who don’t have any idea of the racist, barbaric nature of the Sinhala fascist, pseudo-Buddhist rogue state that Sinhala Lanka was, is and will be, we cannot keep arguing with such people who whole-heartedly support the COLD-BLOODED MURDER of 20,000 civilians and the confinement of 300,000 civilians in CONCENTRATION CAMPS! See how they even fail to mention a word about the GENOCIDAL MASS MURDER and the existence of CONCENTRATION CAMPS. How do you think we can expect such people to behave, or even think, in a humane manner?

  33. tmorgan says:

    Thank you Sylvie for your comments.

    Please lodge a protest to this case of Sri Lankan Police apathy in a ra pe case, victim is of course a Tamil girl (14 yrs)


  34. sylvia says:

    My name is sylvia, my friends call me sylvie or sly, and my online and email name is sylvieshere.
    I don’t mind what you call me.Please note I have added a photo of me, so that you know it is always me.
    Quoting you: “the racist, barbaric nature of the Sinhala fascist, pseudo-Buddhist rogue state that Sinhala Lanka”
    My I ask you Alien.. who is the racist?
    I have said previously, I deplore all violence, and the rape of a 14 year old girl is particularly abhorrent. But, unless you are racist, and believe that an incident like this is the fault of every person of the race you hate, then I fail to see the point of this incident on our discussion here? For your interest, I have emailed the police in charge of this case (from the link you posted), and asked what action they have taken.

    Now, for those diaspora who write here, but have never been to Sri Lanka, please note that I have very good friends in Sri Lanka, I have visited there several times (3), the last being last April. I believe I have more knowledge of that State than many of those who write on this blog.
    I believe that a Sinhalese, a Muslim or a Tamil born in Sri Lanka, is Sri Lankan. Just as an Indian, an Aborigine or an English person (like me) born in Australia is Australian. As much as some of you don’t want a homogenous, peaceful and developing society on that Island, that is the way it will be, because it is a democracy, and that is what Sri Lankans want (Tamil, Muslim and Sinhalese Sri lankans), and being a democracy, that is the way it is going to be.
    Your violence, your bitterness, you hatred and your racism will do nothing for Sri Lankan, or any other Tamils.You are a disgrace to proud and honourable Tamils everywhere.
    Now, I know that most of you don’t have the open mind needed to look inside yourselves, and see where the problem lies, and franky I have better things to do than try to convince you. So, peace be with you all, God bless and goodbye

    • Ronin says:

      Goodbye..Come back once you grow up!

      Btw democracy is when people get a chance to decide their nation like Algerian referendum, croatia referendum. Not when majority holds 250,000 minorities behind cages..I cant even wish that you live in one of the cages out of spite to understand the democracy practiced there..


    • Sylvie,

      The answer to your question, one that I have repeated several times, is:

      The racists and terrorists are those who butchered several thousand Tamil civilians in STATE-SPONSORED POGROMS, like the infamous “Black July of 1983” – the rogue state of Sinhala fascist, pseudo-Buddhist Lanka!

      The racists and terrorists are those who BURNED down the Jaffna Public Library – the rogue state of Sinhala fascist, pseudo-Buddhist Lanka!

      The racists and terrorists are those who proudly and disgustingly claim that they have bombed Tamil civilians from the air with explosives amounting to GREATER THAN THE ATOMIC WEAPONS dropped on Japan – the rogue state of Sinhala fascist, pseudo-Buddhist Lanka!

      The racists and terrorists are those who have the dubious distinction of CARPET-BOMBING and using CLUSTER BOMBS AND CHEMICAL WEAPONS on those who they claim as “their own civilians” – the rogue state of Sinhala fascist, pseudo-Buddhist Lanka!

      The racists and terrorists are those who have claim that the island of Ceylon belongs ONLY to the Sinhalese – the rogue state of Sinhala fascist, pseudo-Buddhist Lanka!

      The racists and terrorists are those who have committed the worst GENOCIDE and WAR CRIMES of the 21st century – the rogue state of Sinhala fascist, pseudo-Buddhist Lanka!

      The racists and terrorists are those who have confined 300,000 civilians to CONCENTRATION CAMPS – the rogue state of Sinhala fascist, pseudo-Buddhist Lanka!

      The racists and terrorists are those who BUTCHER their own journalists and international aid-workers – the rogue state of Sinhala fascist, pseudo-Buddhist Lanka!

      The racist and terrorist is the one who blindly and shameless supports all of the above – and that is YOU!!!

  35. sylvie says:

    🙂 haven’t gone Ronin! Tell me, do you agree with bobby, and alien.. that violence should continue to be inflamed in Sri Lanka, by people who dont live there?

    • Ronin says:

      No Sylvie..I am not for violence..But clearly multiple have written here that the right thing to do is a referendum..Am certain bobby or Alien wont have a problem with voting?

      You ‘ve been quite silent abt a referendum. Do you have problems with democracy?

    • Ronin says:

      Sylvie? Referendum?

    • Ronin says:

      Indeed a slippery “democratic” catfish, who does not like voting!

  36. sylvie says:

    Oh and btw, hopefully, the camps will be destroyed quickly – as soon as the criminals and murderers who wish to continue to tear the country apart are weeded out. Even the UN agreed this needed to be done.
    And do please answer my question…I really want to know.
    I am writing a thesis on the ‘Tamil diaspora role in the Sri Lankan conflict’, and will using some of this debate in it.

  37. vish says:

    Definition for ‘Genocide’

    “Oh and btw, hopefully, the camps will be destroyed quickly – as soon as the criminals and murderers who wish to continue to tear the country apart are weeded out.”

    “Even the UN agreed this needed to be done.” – Joke!

    “I am writing a thesis on the ‘Tamil diaspora role in the Sri Lankan conflict’, and will using some of this debate in it.”

    Dr.Sylvie from Srilanka? and some useless award from Mahinda for supporting the genocide!

    • Welcome here, Vish!!! 🙂 As always, your short, but superbly effective comments that pack a serious “punch” in them would add great value to this site, especially as the number of shameless trolls that paste worthless comments has gone up alarmingly in recent days 😡

      Thanks for calling Sylvie’s bluff…the so-called “Sylvie” is either a cowardly, racist Sinhala who has stolen someone else’s identity, or an extremely ill-informed and shockingly biased lady who keeps repeating the same nonsense that the Rajapaksa rogues keep dishing out, possibly under the influence of her Sinhala fascist, pseudo-Buddhist boyfriend.

  38. Kandhan says:


    One more time you exhibited you’re not grown.

    Thesis should be studied for the unknown parameters. Whole world knows Tamil Diaspora -contribution towards Tamil Eelam Freedom struggle.

    I am sorry to write this, you have wasted several years of your work – Even Genocidal Architect Mahinda Rajapakse will not support your Thesis since he knew already about Tamils role in the present conflict and future struggle.

  39. Kandhan says:


    My suggestion is you can write Thesis about

    Why Tamils need UN sponsored referendum to form Tamil Eelam?

    (This also helps you to answer Ronin question about Referendum)

  40. sylvie says:

    Congratualtions to the Sri Lankan cricket team on advancing to the semi-finals of the world twenty20 finals!

  41. sylvie says:

    Oh, and Kandhan, my thesis is on the EXTENT of Tamil diaspora role, and it’s effect on the conflict….not whether or not they played a role.
    Ronin. I support democracy, that includes the right of an elected government to defend its country from violent insurgencies – like the Taliban insurgency in Pakistan, and the LTTE in Sri Lanka.

    • Ronin says:

      So you dont have an problem with Referendum..Do you?

    • Prakash says:

      Thanks Ronin! You proved, (by asking several times for democracy), how some people are unconsciously proving their violent nature by calling others violent.

    • Nithyananthan says:

      Madame Sylvie!
      Okay! We think, if we are correct, you bade farewell ‘Good Bye’ on 13th inst. Didn’t you?
      Welcome back! Now, please don’t take us wrongly, assuming we are trying to chase you out. No, not at all!

      Firstly, let’s understand – don’t know how far you’ll that in zoological gardens around the world, we all know all kinds of birds are not housed together in one cage because they belong to the same specie; no lion and tiger caged in one – for a simple reason that each one’s mode of life is different from one another. If human is so civilized to care about these five sensed living creatures and preserve and protect them in artificial habitats; we wonder how he well should be able to protect and preserve his own – with his added – God given – sixth sense the commonsense – the intelligence! In this case of Ceylon, your principle of vibrant democracy is incapable to achieve harmony and therefore not applicable. In Ceylon, the British masters caged the lion and tiger in one cage. It is a deliberate, horrendous monumental mistake that they made when decided depart overnight. . They didn’t teach the civility ‘Live & let live’.
      You say that you are an adherent believer and supporter of ‘Democracy’. Fine! We too believe in and support democracy – but not the ‘Barbaric Craziness’ in the name of democracy – that is no more than merely a shamefully and meanly glorified Headcount in a herd – nothing but else.
      Which one of these you believe and support – the ‘Healthy Democracy’ which is practiced and demonstrated in the west, the first world or the so called vibrant thriving ‘Stinking Democrazy’ in the third word – Third Category Nations (TCN)? You have vague idea or understanding about what a democracy is all about. It is incompatible with our understanding; then how can anyone expect you to know what a ‘Referendum’ is!

      Secondly, are you still suffering from nightmare and haunted by LTTE? According to GOSL and the world LTTE is gone – wiped-out! We believe it. It made history and vanished in thin air – is in oblivion. Why are you still talking about it?

      Thirdly, you seem to be very familiar and so much infatuated with the word ‘Violence’. You use it very freely through-out your comments. In your understanding and vocabulary ‘Violence’ is inalienably the end product of non-violence and thus constitutes all acts and defines all protests ‘Campaign or Struggle or Unrest ‘ as ‘Violence’; then the answer is yes – it will go on! Continuance of armed oppression inevitably invites and calls for armed retaliation / repercussion.

      Finally, you also seem to be so keen about the ‘Role of Tamil Diaspora’ – is it worrying you or anyone? Role and mode of struggle will be determined by the opponent / contender. Eelam Tamils have gained 60 years of experience gained by practicality in both, 30 years of each, and peaceful unarmed and armed struggle and have learnt a lot from our mistakes and failures. Let’s wait and see. May God bless you!

  42. sylvie says:

    RONIN: I understand the term referendum to mean a direct vote in which an electorate is asked to either accept or reject a proposal.
    So, if there was a referendum in Sri Lanka asking if there should be a separate state for the Tamil population, I think we would all know the outcome… wouldn’t we?
    No, I am not against a referendum, except because we all know the outcome, I think the money would be better spent on assisting the people displaced by the conflict.
    KANDAHAN: So, your logical reasoning and in depth analysis of my comments here are (and I quote you): “joke”. Could you please give me more rational reasoning please?
    ALIEN: I don’t have a Sinhala fascist, pseudo-Buddhist boyfriend. In fact I don’t have a boyfriend at all. May I suggest you stick to the topic, rather than using personal attacks, which do no more than reveal you extreme anti Sinhalese bias?

    • Sylvie,

      You don’t seem to understand the term referendum. It’s held for the oppressed people and not the filthy oppressors. The referendum for East Timor was held for the East Timorese, not Indonesians. So your argument does not make any sense.

      I haven’t attacked you personally. I was just trying to find an explanation for your extreme anti-Tamil, anti-human, pro-genocide, pro-fascism bias 🙂

  43. sylvie says:


  44. Kandhan says:


    Who said that I have done logical reasoning and in depth analysis of your comments?

    In the Engineering & Management world – 80/20; Cause and Effect, Failure mode and effects analysis and other brain storming tools (Six Sigma methodology and Lean Techniques) are applied only for worthy comments and questions – I don’t think your comments deserve such an analysis. Good luck and Good Bye.

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