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Rally in Chennai to mourn and pay homage to Tamils massacred in Ealem

Thol. Thirumavalavan. MP.

Thol. Thirumavalavan. MP.

The leader of Viduthalai Siruththaihal Katchi ( VCK) Thol Thirumavalavan has announced that a peace rally will be held in Chennai on May 28, 2009, to pay homage to the freedom fighters who fought under the leadership of Prabakaran and died in the struggle for freedom of Ealem.

The following are the resolutions passed in the meeting of the office bearers of the VCK.

1. We salute the freedom fighters who fought under the leadership of Prabakaran and our brethren who sacrificed their lives in the battleground for freedom of Ealem.

2. We condemn the genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka and request that Mr. Rajabakse should be enquired and punished by the International court.

3. The Sri Lankan Government which trumpets that it has killed Mr. Prabakaran, his family members and front leaders should handover the bodies of the killed to their relatives.

4. The world including India should press for identification and preservation of the bodies.

5. Since Sri Lanka has announced that the war has come to an end, the food, medicine, water and basic amenities should be provided through international agencies.

6. A political solution should be arrived for obtaining Ealem by conducting peace talks with the rest of the Tamil Tigers. No talk should be conducted with others.

7. Even after the announcement of silencing of the guns by Tigers, the Sri Lnkan Government has massacred the Tamils. We condemn the inhuman attitude of the international community including India which prefered to simply watch the massacre.

This call for peace rally is made by Thirmavalavan, now an elected Member of Parliament in India. We all, the global citizens, shall mourn the death of our people and take a vow on that day to struggle for the Freedom and Justice for Ealem with more Valor and Determination.

It is only the wise who can convert
Loss into Gain and Death into Life

( Thiruvalluvar 235)

Written by Malarthamil
Malarthamil is a civil engineer and writer-poet inspired by Thirukkural – a classical Tamil poetry that expounds various aspects of life.

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20 Responses

  1. Nithyananthan says:

    Thank you, Sir! Mr. Valavan! As a boy at grade six in my prestigious Christian school, the St. Johns College, Jaffna, I was taught, read and learned about the great Thiruma’valavan of 2,400 – 300 BC. You give me / us, now, a feeling that such Great Thirumavalavan still lives in land of our prehistoric patriarchs Thol’Kapiar, Aka’thiyar, Val’uvar; and in historic Chera, Chola and S Pandyan Kingdoms. There was a time we really lost hope on you, Sir; when you joined the forces of Karunas – still we have. Yet, your appeals and protest rallies that you organize after the elections, nowadays, give us a little hope where we can lean on and reassuring that you are not going to be another Karunas and Sangarees. We begin to understand you along with other Eelam forces, who will be known by inscriptions on tablets and remembered in history of Eelam – in millennia to come. Therefore, we want ‘’(Thiruma) Thamil’valavan’’ to live upto the mark and rank of Thiruma, the Great. The Rest Eelan’ll do. I take leave from you all for some-being – hyenas are around us now. Please, don’t worry about i You give me / us, now, a feeling that such Great Thiruma’valavan has born again in land of Akathiyar, Valuvar and Chera, Chola and Pandyan Kingdoms. There was a time we really lost hope on you, Sir; when you joined the forces of Karunas – still we have. Individuals but think about the Eelam specie. Not that I (we) will die, however, please convey our admiration to Valavan and others like Vaiko, Nedumaran and Mani’an to aloof low. We don’t want to exalt them to high because we don’t want to be lost anymore. Mercenaries have already been dispatched with the help of Tamil speaking adversaries. Tamil Eealam is small by teritory but her heart is big enough to accomodate all ewvils. Anyone has to take precautionary measures, please be mindful. Thank you for our Brothers& Sisters! May God Bless you all!

  2. malarthamil says:


    The politics in Tamil Nadu has become insensitive to the aspirations of the people. For me, I wish what best could be obtained even from the worst situation.

    No other Member of Parliament in India has expressed this kind of resolutions. I hope, there will be a sincere voice for Tamils in the Indian Parliament, since Thiruma is not a participant in the Government, no more he is enslaved by alliance and he will be the master of himself and whatever can be done in his capacity he will try to do.

  3. Ronin says:

    This is not a problem for Tamils alone..This is a human issue, so that we appeal to all humans..including our non-Tamil readers… although they were killed because of being Tamils..

    Instead of Tamils we could call it:
    “Rally in Chennai to mourn and pay homage to those massacred in Ealem”

  4. Sunderapandyan says:

    Ronin – You are right. Everybody should be mobilized. We should stop calling this Tamil Struggle and start calling it Human Struggle for Freedom and Dignity.

    I think it is already happening:

    Even Sinhalese, if mobilized will join this movement for Freedom from discrimination:
    >Im a Sinhala but shame to say like that. All this conflict could be avoided if we treat Tamils equally from 1948. And now unnecessarily thousands of lifes were lost and we are celebrating for that. What a humankind we are. It is a black history.
    –Achala, colombo, Sri Lanka

    Not just in India and Sri Lanka, but world over:

    Israel demands human rights probe on Lanka –

    The move has sent jitters to the entire Rajapakse brothers family.

  5. Ronin says:


    Nice job with editing the homepage with pics and articles etc…Looks fresh

  6. malarthamil says:

    “Ronin – You are right. Everybody should be mobilized. We should stop calling this Tamil Struggle and start calling it Human Struggle for Freedom and Dignity.”

    Yes I too agree that should be the way.
    But who is going to walk on that way now at this moment. We have not prepared the world for that. Or the world is not prepared for that yet.

    Those Tamils or Non Tamils holding poliitical power in TN or India or the rest of the world or UN have either aided genocide or abandoned Tamils before the end of the present phase. Those in Ealem were neither considered for their Tamil origin nor for their birth as human beings.

    I have to clarify that in this post I projected resolutions of a party mainly not for the sruggle to be carried forward but for the dead bodies to be carried forward and last respects should be paid.

    Now IC is going to name it as post conflict.
    The immediate attention is to pay the last respects to those bodies. Why the UN secretary general could not arrange for it?
    Is there any hidden apartheid? (I even thought of attributing the traditional duty of the caste, Thiruma belongs, as a reason for Thiruma mainly eveoking this issue rather than any other leader!)

    Again it is going to be letter writing, condemnation, demand for probes and these kinds of unkind acts from all with no result. Bush was not tried for Iraq.

    It may be said that those who are sincere have no power. Those who have power are not sincere.

    The world body has become so solidified and foolish to equate freedom struggle and terrorism and the geopolitical considerations are more valuable than human rights.

    In future the humanitarian issues should be handled by a world body which should have a democratic set up with one vote to one nation, not like the present arrangement of veto to the powerful nations.

    Until then the human beings and even bodies in Ealem will be punished because they are born and dead Tamils.

    • Ronin says:

      The world tends to think it not us..

      Am reminded of
      “In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;
      And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;
      And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;
      And then… they came for me… And by that time there was no one left to speak up.”

      The Chidamabarams, Ilangovans of TN feel sorry for them but they are clear they are different, they are Indian Tamils.

      The rest of the world will keep watching and watching, until one day they come for them, and at that time, the rest will stand and watch..Talk philosophy, argue semantics etc

      But optimistically with technology and communication the knights against oppression will gain more power soon..Some of the most effective micro-finance campaign and empowerment work is done by non-Africans in Africa..We need to have hope.

  7. Ram Prasad says:

    In future the humanitarian issues should be handled by a world body which should have a democratic set up with one vote to one nation, not like the present arrangement of veto to the powerful nations.
    – Malarthamil

    UN and global democracy??? A worthwhile topic to spend time. Iran’s president has been raising this issue for long. Many comments in his speech in the recent UN conference on racism made more sense like the one you also have pointed out.

    India’s stand today in the UN security council meeting is disgusting. I am just looking forward for a Periyar.

    Powerful/imperialistic nations think that they can easily take control of the smaller/weaker nations but in reality it is the other way around. The smaller/weaker nation will exploit the situation as per its will and not according to that of the powerful. This is what is happening in Sri Lanka. The 3 lakh people will be in fenced jail atleast for the next 1 or 2 years.

    The most frequent users of Veto are Russia and USA. The global divide between west and east and the veto power to these rivals have cost a lot to the human civilization. Sri Lankan tamils will also be paying the price here after. India’s betrayal should be exposed to wider national,international community.

  8. malarthamil says:


    Even in India, Tamil Nadu contributed more for Gujarat Earth Quake, more for Kargil war than any other state. ( For Kargil war I collected contributed from Singapore for Indian Army )

    Outside India, we are considered Indians not Tamils. And it depends on what Indians do for the rest of the world.

    However Ealem Tamils have no nation. How could they express for others? They are too small a nation without Government.

    It was not refusal of Tamils to speak up for others. They are always concerned about the rest of the world. It is the failure on the part of Tamils to voice their concern at appropriate forums. For this they lack authority and numbers.

    Or else we have to be like punjabis, who throw the state to violence at the killing of one Sikh. This we will not do.

    I understand your optimism for future. Let others come towards us. We also move forward to meet them. Now we have the right technology which has no boundaries.

    Whether Thirukkural or Kamba Ramayanam, or Periyapuraman or any other Tamil book of wisdom, our authors always incite the word “World” in the first poem itself as a compulsary tradition.

    We will continue in that direction.

  9. gary muthuraj says:

    A state sponsored genocide is taking place in SriLanka. The Asian powers [India,China,Russia] have defeated resolutions for War Crimes Investigation. This is a sad day for humanity. Hope is not lost, my tamil brothers and sisters. Newton’s 3rd law will prevail.. the law of Karma will live.
    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    Read this unbiased report on the what the failed state – Sri Lanka is doing:

  10. malarthamil says:

    We know that the bodies of Tamils killed in Genocide were not given their last respect.

    We will not forgive anyone for this.

    Now Thirumavalavan M.P has demanded a white paper on genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka in his maiden speech in Indian Parliament.on 8.6.2009.

    From his speech..

    “…………But I want to indicate some important issues which are neglected and we expected are not present in the Presidential Address. There is no mention about the genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils. No mention about the Sethu project. No mention about reservation in private sector, or reservations for Muslims and Christians, particularly Dalit Christians. No mention about the Babri Masjid. No mention about an Act for Reservation. The Reservation Bill for quotient vacancies has already been passed in the Rajya Sabha. But it is not yet introduced in the Lok Sabha. No mention about the abolition of Untouchablity. ………….

    We need a white paper on genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils.
    What is the role of our Union Government on Sri Lankan issues? What kind of support is given to the Government of Sri Lanka?
    …………Our party and our allied parties are very much concerned about the Sri Lankan issues. I am sorry to say the Government of India betrayed the Tamil community in Sri Lanka. So the Government of India should change the attitude against Tamils.”

    • Ronin says:

      Thirumavalvan will be a long-distance runner in our politics. He seems like an intelligent man with values…He will be a politician to watch..

    • Kumar says:

      “We need a white paper on genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils”

      ThirumA shows that he is a veRumA. He wants a white paper on happenings in SL. This is like a Pakistani MP asking a white paper on 2002 Gujarat riots or demolition of Babri in Pakistani parliament. Does ThirumA think SL is another state of India? He will be politician to watch?

  11. malarthamil says:

    Pakistan MP could definitely ask for a white paper if Pakistan had given tacit support to Modi and if Pakistan had given iron rods to karsevaks.

    Pakistan has not foolishly behaved by supplying arms to Modi and Hindutwa brigade.

    Thiruma is asking for White paper on the role of Indian Government. The attrocities of Sri Lankan Government is already in Red paper.

    • Kumar says:

      “Thiruma is asking for White paper on the role of Indian Government.”

      Is that what he is asking? Read properly. He is asking for a white paper on genocide of SL tamils. Even if India did give any tacit support no govt worth its name could discuss those things. Remember, in foreign policy issues a lot of covert operations are mounted by any govt. These will never be made public. That’s the case with the US too. So, let not ThirumA froth at his mouth for no result. Of course, he can dream. There is no bar on that.

  12. Prakash says:

    It is spoken by an elected politician in the parliament. If there is no value to a people’s representative – then why democracy ? I am sure Govt of India will certainly answer his questions.

    • Kumar says:

      Yeah, sure the govt will answer but it will not actually address his question. They will answer in so many words to say that white papers cannot presented at the drop of a hat. Btw, Prakash, elected representative doesn’t mean he can ask any question and get answers for that. If an MP asks “Why is there no rain in kottAmbatti village in madurai district?”, do you expect the govt to answer such questions? ThirumA comes across as a loser.

    • Prakash says:

      You continue to be funny across all blogs – very consistent. Keep it up.

      But you made a point “Yeah, sure the govt will answer but it will not actually address his question. They will answer in so many words to say that white papers cannot presented at the drop of a hat.” – you got the gist of what we are talking about!

  13. malarthamil says:

    True he asked for white paper on genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils. That is the Title of the paper. Read the next line. A white paper on genocide is asked to know the role of the Government in that genocide since the Government is accountable to the public money spent on that. He has been elected by Indian people and he is doing a democratic exercise.

    The news about the speech of Thiruma is not widely reported in media in TN. We know the mainstream media is interested to publish the news from Sri Lankan Army. That is their business. Just like other politicians doing their business ignoring Tamils issues.

    Thiruma records his views in the highest forum of democratic India. This is a spark. There may not be immediate response from the Government. But many MPs from other states now know that people from a constituency ask for White paper.

    Even the women’s reservation issue has been discussed for decades and is going to be enacted only in the near future. We will not see the changes immediately. We will wait.

    That was Thiruma’s maiden speech in Parliament. He will speak more in future for the benefit of oppressed people. He will gain more friendly MPs from other parts of India.

    India is slowly opening up in many fields and nothing can go beyond the scrutiny of the people especially when we are empowered by Right to information act.

    The MPs have their own access to information to know the activities of the Government. Thiruma has taken a peaceful way of exposing the ugly behind the scene activities of ill motivated Government machinery.

    Mr. Kumar, one cannot be happy that truth will not be exposed just because Government is not going to place a white paper.

    Truth does not depend on white papers alone to show its existence. Asking for white paper is a tip of an iceberg. The Titanic lies are going to sink.

  14. Prakash says:

    All said & done, I wish & hope Thiruma continue to fight for what he asked.

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