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May 10 th 2009: One day, a record 3200 lifes prematurely terminated

by Ronin

What happens to a community when it does not not have unity, awareness, strategic relationships with others, buried in film stars and divided on casteism? The phenomenon is not new.  It is an old fermented wine tasted in history repeatedly, just offered in a new package for the new century.

10 May 2009


Mullivaikkal East, Mullaitivu

‘Safe Zone’


The International Community, the United Nations, India, and the United States are have failed to act over the last 5 months, resulting in the death of over 10,000 civilians and 20,000 injured.  The international community must immediately invoke the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) and intervene in Sri Lanka to stop the genoicde of the Tamil civilians.

Today, Sunday 10 May 2009, the Sri Lanka Army and Air Force began a systemactic, intense areial bombardment and shelling of the so-called ‘safe zone’ where approximately 130,000 Tamil civilians have taken refegue. This heavy shelling has continued throughout the day killing 3200 civilians and injuring thousands more.

The heavy shelling and areial bombardment, that the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) claimed to have ended over two weeks ago has continued today resulted in over 3200 civilians killed and thousands more injured and expected to die due to a lack of medical facilities, medicine, and medical personal due to restrictions and embarogos imposed by the GoSL.

The death toll is very likely to be many times higher than currently quoted in the media, as the current number of dead is based only or assessments done at the temporary hospital and TRO staff in the field as shells were falling. Thousands more of the dead and dying are laying where they fell or have been buried in the sandy soil by family and friends to prevent the spread of disease.

TRO volunteers and medical staff are unable to manage with the vast numbers of dead and injured and the bodies are pilling up.

We urgently requests the international community to provide food and medicine and send a monitoring team to bear withness to the massacre that is occurring.

The world must intervene to stop the genocide.

Lawrence Christy

Head of Field Office


‘Safe zone’ / ‘no fire zone’

Mullivaikal, Mullaitivu

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34 Responses

  1. I believe this is a pre-meditated, cold-blooded massacre that was planned by the lowly scum beings in the Indian establishment and conveyed to the Rajapaksa goons when the filthy creatures M.K.Narayanan and Shivshankar Menon went to Colombo, in order to wipe out the Tamils before a regime-change takes place here. Even as the power-hungry liar Karunanidhi enacted his drama on the Marina beach along with ‘Shit’ambaram, the massacre was being planned by the crooked Congress criminals led by the bloody blue-turbaned thug, (inhu)Manmohan Singh 😡

    The bas****s responsible for the Mullivaaikkaal massacre shall have to pay for their evil deeds!!!

  2. Ronin says:


    Please add MK, JJ, Rajini, MGR, ThinaThanthi, Kumudam, Hindu and Dinamalar also to the list…

    I didn’t put Prabhakaran on the list as he himself was a naive man exploited by others..His keeping the tamils forcefully was exploitation no doubt, but I would call it survival instinct as Tigers risked life otherwise…

    The above Tamils laid the preparation work for the massacre..Why should the non-Tamils care when the Tamils themselves did not care for them, and was bent on exploiting them..

    Keeping a community misinformed and exploited is worser than the massacre and will lead to such deaths in future

  3. Ram Prasad says:

    Keeping a community misinformed and exploited is worser than the massacre and will lead to such deaths in future
    – Ronin

    This is true Ronin. What is the point in having a law (geneva convention) when its not applicable. The mighty forces always ignore the law and easily get away with it. The international community is just impotent. I Was there for the Amnesty conference in the weekend. The general opinion among most of the members was that “Frustration exists, let us not loose this frustration”. Only way for those who dont/ dont want to hold weapons is to Fight Fight Fight to make the government fulfil its obligation. Now the only hope is that the international community should be forced to react. Let us keep the pressure on the respective governments through protests, creating awareness, media etc., to respond.

  4. Ronin says:

    It is easy to blame Rajapakse, Sonia, Manmohan and UN for all this atrocities. But the problem is more importantly with us!

    Let me give an example, DinaThanthi USP(Unique selling point) used to be extra-marital Affairs in TN..In case you have missed out on an affair in your street, dont worry Thinathanthi will keep you covered..

    How can you expect such a community intelligently to be prepared or react to an crisis..

  5. S c o r p says:

    I dunno how can I express my grief. . In a country which is ruled by corrupt and slughead politicians and in a country where political parties are on a race to garner money at the fastest rate, whatever I express might be termed as valueless. The Indian government will continue it’s negligence towards the Srilankan Tamil issue and the TN government will continue to loot people. .

    However hard we push towards it, I am sure these idiots are not gonna do anything, and just gonna keep watching the atrocities with a smile. for them, it’s just thrashing the cockroaches who were responsible for the killing of one of the most corrupt politicians in the history of India (a man who was having 11,000 crore rupees in 1991, in a swiss bank – Switzer illustrated, 1991 Nov 11 issue – thanks to Charu Nivedita).

    I am ashamed to live in such a crap country, which is irresponsible in every single aspect.

  6. Prakash says:

    Show your view in voting – either vote for an independent candidate. Thirumavalavan, I read recently that he has pronounced that Congress is the only party that can bring peace in SriLanka – very very funny. May be he is right, but I am sure he understands the intention of Congress party.

    49(0) is anyway not counted or not announced. So go ahead and choose an independent. Dont worry about the outcome – hung assembly, blah blah. If you dont show this view, we will be taken for a ride in a worse vehicle.

    There should be race left behind for growth and all that nonsense, these people are promising. On what basis do we believe them, when they cant even protect their own race or they are in coalition with party who is razing the race. Is the chair made of the bones & skin of innocent dead that important to them ?

    Take this election as a referendum on SriLankan issue.

  7. Prakash says:

    Sorry, I said “either vote for an independent candidate” and missed the other option – Vaiko’s party. In fact, I would go to the extent of supporting AIADMK, as she has the guts to say “I will make Eelam formation a reality”.

    So what even if she wins, and Congress comes to power, we would have said, we will vote to who will save us.

  8. […] and IPL to pay taxes. After all, the viewers pay entertainment tax. Even the TV viewers. Record killings in Srilanka. Only 40% of voting in Mumbai. End of democracy in India? Times Reader : Looks very […]

  9. vikadakavi says:

    I was not able to measure the international response on this incident. Any news on that front? Heard about some public protest on Toronto, but nothing significant came up from my search. Its deeply disturbing.

  10. People,

    DO NOT be confused about whom to vote for! DO NOT abstain, DO NOT vote for independents! Make NO mistake, the filthy murderous scum beings in the Congress, their backers in the DMK have to be defeated – period! I’ve completely lost all respect I’ve had for Thirumavalavan and the VCK – they deserve a sound thrashing as well for backing the filthy Congress! ABOVE ALL, you MUST ensure that the filthy creatures of the hated Congress party like Chidambaram, Mani Shankar Aiyar, Elangovan, Vasan, and indeed every other Congress filth being IS ANNIHILATED! THEY SHOULD LOSE THEIR DEPOSITS – PERIOD! PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR VOTE BY ABSTAINING, DO NOT GO FOR 49(O)! YOU MUST ENSURE THE COMPLETE ANNIHILATION OF THE FILTHY CONGRESS CRIMINALS AND THE SEVERE DEFEAT OF THE DMK/VCK! DO NOT WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO TEACH THE MASS MURDERERS a lesson, please! VOTE ONLY FOR THE MDMK, PMK, AIADMK, CPI! ANNIHILATE THE FILTHY CONGRESS/DMK/VCK!!!

  11. People,

    DO NOT be confused about whom to vote for! DO NOT abstain, DO NOT vote for independents! Make NO mistake, the filthy murderous scum beings in the Congress, their backers in the DMK have to be defeated – period! I’ve completely lost all respect I’ve had for Thirumavalavan and the VCK – they deserve a sound thrashing as well for backing the filthy Congress! ABOVE ALL, you MUST ensure that the filthy creatures of the hated Congress party like Chidambaram, Mani Shankar Aiyar, Elangovan, Vasan, and indeed every other Congress filth being IS ANNIHILATED! THEY SHOULD LOSE THEIR DEPOSITS – PERIOD! PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR VOTE BY ABSTAINING, DO NOT GO FOR 49(O)! YOU MUST ENSURE THE COMPLETE ANNIHILATION OF THE FILTHY CONGRESS CRIMINALS AND THE SEVERE DEFEAT OF THE DMK/VCK! DO NOT WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO TEACH THE MASS MURDERERS a lesson, please! VOTE ONLY FOR THE MDMK, PMK, AIADMK, CPI! ANNIHILATE THE FILTHY CONGRESS/DMK/VCK!!!

  12. Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    I listened to Seeman’s speech yesterday and was moved to tears! Not that I’m unaware of what the filthy scum beings of SinHELLa Lanka are doing to our brethren, thanks to the backing of the Congress bas****s and the lies of sewer creatures like N.Ram of the toilet paper The Hindu, but because Seeman made an appeal that no one should forget for the rest of their lives! PLEASE, ENSURE THE DEFEAT OF THE CONGRESS BAS****S and the traitorous thugs in the DMK, DO NOT WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY!

    Even today, the murderers in SinHELLa Lanka have blasted a hospital, killing scores of suffering patients – women and children.

    Watch these videos, please!

  13. Kumar says:

    This Lawrence Christy is none other than the infamous Lawrence Thilagar who was running the Paris operations of the ltte. I can’t beleive he is still alive. The SL army lacks precision guided missiles like the Israeli defense forces causing a lot of collateral damage. But this pest thilagar should have been taken out by now.

  14. Prakash says:

    Amazing guy, this Kumar is (most pbly a SriLankan with so much knowledge on who is on the screen). When we worry about the civilian death, he talks about lack of guided missiles – wow! Jai Ho SriLankan community around the world – is this your race ?

    • Ronin says:


      You cant make people like him ashamed! No point giving them attention.

      But it is good to know such people exist in the world..And they will pick the weak if they get a chance(the reasons are they are weak and scared themselves)

      For that matter if any community is weak and un-united, they get a bad deal in most parts of the world..Only the crying child, will get milk! That is the world norm!

    • Kumar says:


      There is no point getting emotional. Reasoning takes a backseat when emotion rules. That said, you know when a good guy and a bad guy fight the onlookers side with the good guy and when two rowdies fight (as in the present case) the onlookers watch from the sidelines till one of the rowdies is eliminated so they are left to deal with only one unruly guy. That’s what is happening now. So, I look into ways of hastening the outcome of this fight. Any other action would result in a festering problem that would not be in anyone’s interest in the long run.

    • Ronin says:


      Good reasoning. I am convinced..:-) Hope you get convinced too..

  15. Ronin says:

    My point is not abt the elections and hopefully everyone makes their decision and gets over with the fever….Irrespective of who you vote for the situation is going to continue for Tamils as long as the root cause of the problems are fixed..and will repeat in different format again..

    This is the kind of political and emotional thinking that got us into this situation..and as long as we ignore identifying our problems..

  16. Ram Prasad says:

    Vikadakavi, the people in France and UK are keeping up the pressure through fasting and other sorts of protests in the street. Thats the reason France and UK wants to discuss about this in the UN security council meeting. Russia, which is guilty of committing a similar kind of genocide against its own citizens (chechnya) and China are refusing to discuss about it calling it as an internal crisis that doesnt pose a threat to international security. The impotent international community is watching the genocide silently just like it did in the case of Chechnya, iraq, afghanistan etc., But the civil society shouldnt loose hope. We can only appreciate and encourage the protestors in UK and France and try to increase the peaceful protests in every country. The legal battle will be effective. Hope something of that sort will also take place.

    • Ronin says:

      Yes Legal battles needs to be setup to the cost of the abusers..How does that work?

  17. Ronin,

    We can take care of our problems later. The small issues that we face in our daily lives can be sorted out later. This is not a municipal/corporation election or even an assembly election for local issues. This is the opportunity to annihilate the bas****s of the Congress establishment for their dirty hand in the bloody massacres carried out by the rogue Rajapaksa loafers of the SinHELLa state.

    The most immediate necessity is to stop any further bloody massacres carried out by the SinHELLa barbarians. The people of TN have a very important role to play tomorrow. We all know it is the support given by the Congress bas****s (with the backing of that power-hungry traitor MK) that has emboldened the SinHELLa criminals to carry out heinous massacres. If the Congress bas****s are so vile as to support the Rajapaksa scum beings despite having to face the electorate, think what they are capable of if they manage to win a few seats. The bas****s in the Congress plus filthy beings like M.K.Narayanan, Shivshankar Menon etc. want to wipe out the Tamils from Lanka and they are doing everything they can to carry out their vile deeds, even blocking UN humanitarian efforts through lowly bas****s like Vijay Nambiar.

    We must stop these filthy criminals from doing any further damage! I’m sure the two scum beings (M.K.Narayanan and Shivshankar Menon) told the Rajapaksa goons to butcher as many civilians as possible before a regime-change happens in India.

    The Congress HAS TO BE ANNIHILATED – there can be no two thoughts about it. Filthy creatures like Chidambaram, Mani Shankar Aiyar, Elangovan, Vasan, Narayanaswamy and every other Congress criminal MUST LOSE THEIR DEPOSITS! The filthy Italian National Congress must be wiped out from TN – they should not be able to even win a municipal ward election in the future! Karunanidhi and the DMK deserve a sound thrashing for betraying the Tamils as well. Karunanidhi must be forced to understand that he is the leader of the DMK, not a boot-licking head of a state Italian National Congress unit like Bhaktavachalam! Foolishly, Karunanidhi has dug his own grave – he deserves a fate similar to the notorious Bhaktavachalam!

    My beloved brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, uncles and aunts, grandfathers and grandmothers of Tamil Nadu, do not waste this opportunity to teach the Congress criminals a stinging lesson, PLEASE! DO NOT ABSTAIN, DO NOT vote for independents, DO NOT choose the 49(O) option, PLEASE! You have a DUTY not just as Tamils and Indians, but as human beings, to thrash the filthy Italian National Congress bas****s, DO NOT FAIL to perform this duty, PLEASE! I repeat, ENSURE that Chidambaram, Mani Shankar Aiyar, Elangovan, Vasan, Narayanaswamy and all other Congress scoundrels LOSE THEIR DEPOSITS, PLEASE! The DMK and VCK need to be resoundingly thrashed for allying themselves with the hated Italian National Congress and praising the Congress criminal beings. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE this golden opportunity to help our butchered and battered brethren across the Palk Strait. Forget your local issues, this is not a local body election or even an assembly election. Forget silly and stupid things like caste and religious affiliations. Forget the money distributed by the DMK – it is YOUR money, after all! Forget even your party affiliations, yes, party affiliations – remember the noble Congress worker (Sirkali Ravichandran) who committed self-immolation because he hated the murderous deeds of the Congress bas****s.

    Remember your DUTY as Tamils, as Indians and as human beings! Remember the sacrifices made by Muthukumar and so many other martyrs! Remember the thousands of innocent children annihilated by white phosphorous and cluster bombs that the SinHELLa criminals bought with money given by scum beings like ‘Shit’ambaram, (inhu)Manmohan Singh and the barbaric barking hyena, Pranab Mukherjee! Remember the hundreds/thousands of women and girls gang-raped by the filthy sons of bitches in the barabaric SinHELLa army! Remember the hundreds of thousands of innocent men and women tortured by the barabaric SinHELLa scum beings! Remember the CONCENTRATION CAMPS that the SinHELLa scum creatures are running! Remember the hundreds of thousands of people being deliberately starved and denied medicines by the Rajapaksa goons! Remember the brave Sinhala journalists like Lasantha Wickrematunge who were butchered by the Gothabaya goon for opposing the atrocities on Tamils as well as several other Sinhalese journalists who have come to TN for protection! Remember the cold-blooded murder of dying patients in several hospitals by the barbaric SinHELLa goons!

    Remember, this is your opportunity to punish the filthy Congress bas****s for their role in heinous crimes against humanity! ANNIHILATE THE CONGRESS BAS****S! MAKE THEM LOSE THEIR DEPOSITS, PLEASE! Give the DMK a thrashing that they will never forget for betraying you! THIS IS YOUR DUTY! VOTE FOR MDMK, PMK, AIADMK, CPI! THRASH the DMK/VCK and ABOVE ALL, COMPLETELY ANNIHILATE the filthy Congress bas****s, PLEASE!

    • Ronin says:

      Am surprised you consider this as small issues, those are the issues because of which thousands are getting killed..We are trying to put bandage to a problem..

      I hope things were as easy and Eelam things will improve after congress loses power, if it does. What is the point even in LTTE winning after all its people have been killed..

      I had some hopes on the LTTE and now I am disillusioned on their war strategies. And I dont mind saying that they have a part in the deaths, if not as much as SL army is part of it by holding them as hostages..

      If it was very ideological I would have been impressed, but this seem unnecessary deaths while they could have taken Guerilla warfare as they have been for years..

    • True, Ronin. The LTTE have adopted unacceptable practices and made foolish decisions.

      Unacceptable practices include using suicide bombers (warriors need not waste their lives by blowing themselves up just to kill some filthy VIP war criminal), unwilling child soldiers (I mean only unwilling child soldiers – an orphan who had his/her parents killed in front of his/her eyes may be a willing warrior) and eliminating moderate Tamils who opposed their views.

      Foolish decisions include internal political squabbles that led to a weakening of their military power and preventing Ranil Wickremasinghe from becoming the President by enforcing a poll boycott and not taking to guerrilla warfare immediately after they lost Killinochi.

      However, we need to be absolutely sure of the “hostage” thing that the SinHELLa war criminals want the world to believe. While some civilians may be held against their will, I believe the majority of them are with the Tigers because of any of the following reasons:
      1) they view the Tigers as their protectors and freedom fighters,
      2) their family members are Tiger cadres,
      3) the barbaric SinHELLa bas****s confine them to CONCENTRATION CAMPS if they go to SinHELLa controlled areas,
      4) they (including women) are asked to strip naked before crossing over,
      5) they are tortured in CONCENTRATION CAMPS by the SinHELLa scum beings,
      6) women and girls are raped at will by the filthy sons of rabid bitches that constitute the SinHELLa army,
      7) women and girls are always safe when they are under the protection of their own freedom fighters – the Tigers.

      However, if people want to be with the Tigers, it is not their fault if they are killed in aerial attacks, shelling using CLUSTER BOMBS and WHITE PHOSPHORUS! It’s the crime of the SinHELLa filth beings and the scum beings of the Congress establishment, Paki scum, Chinese Communist Pigs, Zionist and Iranian criminals and the bloated bureaucratic bas****s of the UN who are unable to prevent the most heinous war crimes of the 21st century! The Russian regime (willing ass-lickers of the Congress scum beings), Chinese Communist Pigs are active participants in this genocide and USA, UK, France are passive participants by failing to stop it despite being aware of it.

      By the way, by small issues I meant local issues (constituency based issues etc.) that people may consider while voting. In any case local issues are loaded against Congress/DMK as well like price rise, power cuts, anti-incumbency, roads, schools, farm issues etc.

      However, these things should not be the focus since there are much more important things at hand – like ANNIHILATING the filthy Congress criminals and thrashing the traitorous DMK! The people of TN can, and MUST do their DUTY in minimising the loss of lives of their Eelam brethren. It can be done only if the filthy Congress party is ANNIHILATED and criminal Congress scum beings like ‘Shit’ambaram, Mani Shankar Aiyar etc. get the treatment they deserve!

  18. Sunderapandyan says:

    Ronin – there are certain things that needs immediate attention. There are certain other things that needs attention, but can wait.

    While the Sri Lankan government has been claiming that the civilians are being forcefully kept in the rebel territory, the rebels have been claiming that the civilians are staying on their own will. You may recall that the rebels had upto 17,000 members. Now all those members will have family. Those family members and several others naturally will have a strong conviction on the freedom of their nation. I am sure you will believe that there are folks who consider that “Dignity” is more important than “Survival”. It may be hard for some to believe this, but there are references for such resolute communities in the past around the world.

    The propoganda material from SLA about rebels holding civilians – my only comment is “Kannal Kannbathum Poi, Kaathaal Ketpathum Poi, Theera visaripathe mei”. If what they show in those videos are true, Sri Lanka will be sending independent journalists into the war zone.

    Sri Lankan government’s objective in bombing indiscriminately is to break the will of these people. They believe that these civilians will react the way you are reacting, when put under extreme conditions and defect the rebels. That has not happened yet to the much frustration of Rajapakse. Thoese who crossed over to the gov-held areas were compelled to do so, because the Army had sorrounded them and coerced them towards gov-held areas.

    The rebels are under the belief that the IC and Tamil Nadu/India will stop the war. They are under shock that international community and India is allowing this barbaric acts of Sri Lanka.

    We have not been able to stop the war just because of the adamant attitude of Congress government. As Alien has pointed, we can either convince the rebels to give-up and forget the future of Tamils there or we can try to eliminate Congress to bring about a forced ceasefire. We are capable of doing both. Again there is no tomorrow. We either do it now or forget this whole episode. Rebels going to guerilla warfare does not change anything. As long as they are branded as terrorists, they will never be able to win.

  19. My beloved sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers of Tamil Nadu,


    Watch this video where a BRAVE SL government doctor describes the massacre of patients in a hospital in the GENOCIDE ZONE, PLEASE!


  20. My beloved sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers of Tamil Nadu,

    Come on, there is still plenty of time, the heat has subsided completely, if you haven’t voted yet, go out there and cast your vote!

    Please watch this video – the shocking truth about SinHELLa Lanka’s CONCENTRATION CAMPS exposed by British Channel 4 reporters who were arrested, threatened and then thrown out of SinHELLa lanka for daring to expose the truth – the truth that the sewer creature N.Ram of the toilet paper The Hindu will always lie about:

    This is your golden opportunity to ANNIHILATE the Congress bastards who are helping the Rajapaksa loafers commit genocide and heinous crimes against humanity and thrash the DMK traitors! I repeat PLEASE ENSURE that the Italian National Congress filth beings like Chidambaram, Mani Shankar Aiyar, Elangovan, Vasan, Narayanaswamy and all Congress scum creatures LOSE THEIR DEPOSITS and the DMK are thrashed severely for betraying you! There is only 1.5 hours left to do this! PLEASE GO OUT THERE AND CAST YOUR VOTE FOR MDMK, PMK, AIADMK, CPI. ANNIHILATE THE FILTH BEINGS OF THE CONGRESS AND THRASH THE DMK!


  21. Ronin says:

    Seeman has been very dedicated in his initiative to defeat Chidambaram. He was arrested even on the day of the election(again). I feel proud he is not just a talker and is a intelligent and detail oriented person who delivers to the end.

    And it was wonderful how Seeman and Bharathiraja mobilized support and strategically picked the Congress candidates they wanted to defeat. They did not pick every congress candidate. And worked towards it. And steered clear of any political branding. This is what I call moral leadership. He takes a stand and you cant suspect any ulterior motives or personal incentives or personal relationships, just like his idol. I cant say the same abt Vaiko, Tha. Pandian or Thiruma..

    Even MK or JJ(not really, once in power) would be guilty abt arresting such a person as his motives are totally not selfish. And the beauty is he does not care abt going to Jail for his actions..Just like Periyar..

    This is citizen activism at its best. If there were 10 Seemans, no one will be able to harm our well-being. after all we are not asking for someone else individual rights but our own. Chidambaram might even win but Seeman taught a lesson to every slacker politician how they will be singled out, if they moved away from the people.

    • Prakash says:

      I read Bharathiraja’s studio was vandalised (worth couple of million US dollars) by the son of the “close to defeat” politician!

  22. Nithyananthan says:

    During WW-II, even the draconian Adolph Hitler, the one who peerlessly master-minded and executed the 20th century’s horrendous holocaust, ordered his airmen not to attack the Educational, Archeological, Ecclesiastical and Healthcare institutions; and thus he spared such noble foundations and saved them from devastation. That is how and why today the centuries old grandeur of Oxford, Cambridge and St Paul Cathedral among others majestically stand to say something to the world – No accusations of destruction are leveled or heard against Hitler. Gesture of his order, especially from Hitler at a time facing eminent defeat, symbolizes his dormant passionate mindset driven beyond his control – A quality that is characteristic to people of gentle birth.
    Today, in Tamil Eelam no Schools, Libraries, Churches, Temples, Hospitals and even makeshift facilities are spared, repeatedly bombed to ensure complete demolition and raising total casualties, by the barbarians’ ‘War Orchestra’ conducted by the trio; whose monstrous objectives molded by Buddhist monks’ vampirism and patricides; and guided and directed by the Italian vampire in the next door; have surpassed the minimum moral standards set by demonized Hitler and thus supercede to set Sinhalese’ hallmark for ‘1st Genocide of 21st Century’. May God bless Wisdom!

  23. Analysis: China arms may have secured Sri Lanka rout of Tigers

    Jane Macartney in Beijing for Times Online

    With Sri Lanka’s military claiming to be on the verge of at last crushing the Tamil Tigers, many are asking if that victory has come thanks only to a life-saving injection of Chinese weaponry.

    That raises concerns not only in the West but also in neighbouring Asian states about China as a possible malevolent force spreading its arms to friendly, usually developing-world, states clandestinely. After all, China appears to have become the biggest arms supplier to Sri Lanka in the 1990s when India and Western governments refused to sell weapons to Colombo to use in its civil war.

    Beijing appears to have increased its arms sales significantly to Sri Lanka since 2007 when the United States suspended military aid amid human rights concerns. This trend may be as much commercial as strategic.

    China accounts for only about 4 per cent of total world arms sales, compared with 8 per cent for Britain and nearly 40 per cent for the United States.

    Ever since the Communist Party began market-oriented reforms 30 years ago, and provided its military machinery with a chance to make a profit, it has found it hard to control sales to less savoury buyers or those that could pose a diplomatic headache.

    This has raised questions on the international stage as to whether the Government itself countenances those sales. And the very secrecy of both the military and the leadership lends credence to such a view.

    In addition, in Sri Lanka, Chinese construction companies are helping to transform a fishing town into a huge port. This billion-dollar port at Hambantota could serve as a fuelling stop for Chinese naval vessels on patrol to protect their tankers bringing precious supplies of oil to fuel the country’s industrial machine.

    Does that mean the port could one day serve as a Chinese naval base? Analysts think probably not. But it is certain that China’s military planners, like any mature strategists, are taking a long-term view. What if a conflict over Taiwan, or among the disputed islands in the South China Sea, were to lead to a naval blockade? No doubt the planners have in mind all the worst-case scenarios.

    In such a situation, China would need friends in far-off places, and it would have formed such relationships on the coasts of Sri Lanka and of Pakistan, where its builders are constructing the port of Gwadar. But these are far-off contingency plans.

    For the moment the lure of profits from arms-hungry governments who cannot afford, or are blocked from, Western arms may be the prime motivator for Chinese merchants. But who knows? Secrecy prevails in that industry and governs Beijing’s military strategies.
    The filthy Chinese Communist Pigs are the main ones behind this heinous genocide carried out by the SinHELLa scum beings. The lowly scum beings from the human organ harvesting, toxic baby-food producing Middle Kingdom with the long, crumbling mud Wall in its middle shall have to pay for their crimes against humanity!

  24. Raj says:

    Looks like the people of Tamil Nadu voted for the DMK

  25. gary muthuraj says:

    vijaycunth split the votes … Spoiler

  26. […] May 10 th 2009: One day, a record 3200 lifes prematurely terminated […]

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