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Chennai Ambedkar Law College Students Fight

It was a horrific scene at the Ambedkar college, Chennai today. Two factions of students engaged in a bloddy fight and two students were seriously injured. The scene was captured in video and telecast in almost all major local cahnnels.

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7 Responses

  1. nsemarket says:

    Good that u had the vedio here , let the world know in whose hands our laws are in .

  2. phantom363 says:

    i was stunned when i saw the beating on the video. so much anger!

    i guess the colleges environment has changed since late 1960s when i was a student. either there was no violence or the news was suppressed. not sure.

    i was a chennaivaasi right through. so i am speaking only of chennai. all inter collegiate competitions always went off well. there was ofcourse organized boo-ing, but THAT was the limit.

    for the present sorry state, one can always blame the political parties. but, i think the students too have some ownership of these type of issues.

    after all, their primary purpose to go to college is to study. is it not? where has all their good sense gone?

    MK does not help with his holier than thou poetry, trying to deflect the sentiments. i do not know whether he is pouring oil in troubled waters or playing the fiddle while chennai is burning!

    MK appears to absolve himself of any responsibilities for this incident. he does not realize that as the CM, the buck stops at his table!

    i am surprised at the policemen’s inaction. if they knew beforehand there was tension, all that was needed was to come in full force and patrol the college.

    not a handful that were shown. but a whole batallion. that might have prevented the violence.

    but the root cause of tribal loyalties taken to such extremes have to be addressed with some strict ground rules – starting with NO VIOLENCE.

    times, they have changed a lot since late 1960s…..

  3. sathar says:

    im not a tamilian…i jst watched the video from youtube…hw the students can do like this? its not even imaginable..the police bitches just looking that…i could understand this fight was jst for the cast..anyhow its totally unacceptable…even if its for anything…

  4. sham says:

    what the police is doing? An indian killing an other indian!!!! shame of india

  5. anitha says:

    what the police is doing???an indian killing an other indian!!!!what the shame of india!!!do something.take action of it.shame on india

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