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June Edition

Indian troops in border – A tactical advantage over China

by Sunderapandyan

By making its first move, India has gained the advantage in this war of strategies as it has now forced China to show restraint in view of preserving the regional “stability” which is crucial for the growth of both nations. Unlike with its other neighbors Pakistan and Sri Lanka where India has always been taken…>> more

Nuclear Power Up-rate will aid growth to world Power generation

by Kandhan

As the global economic slow down hits hard on several sectors of the once thriving power industry, the utilities segment is now striving to find innovative ways to enhance their plants operating capacity. Several US based nuclear plants are in the process of …>> more

Burma, China and Sri Lanka – The lessons

by Kandhan

If you are wondering whats so common between these three Asian nations – well firstly, the religion Buddhism binds the heritage of these three nations. Secondly -all the three nations have been facing internal resistance and have used force to contain them for the past fifty …>> more

Terminator Salvation (English Movie Review)

by Joyarun

I was in for a sweet surprise as “Terminator Salvation” defies all the rules for a sequel and looks like a fresh start or in IT terms a “reboot”. Introduction of fresh faces “Christian Bale” (as John Conner), Sam Worthington (as Marcus Wright) gives a new lease of life to the story. What really made it a chilling watch is that, the movie very much reflected what happened in Srilanka just a couple ….
…>> more

New leadership to emerge from Diaspora Tamils

by Sunderapandyan

Sadanand Menon observes “a newly articulate, million-strong, diasporic community with international connections is poised to step in. That is where the new leadership, new resistance and new political process will come from. This segment is better equipped to continue the struggle through constitutional means.” The EU Parilament election is a win-win effort by Jan, with some visible results already – of the unifying Diaspora …>> more

The Concept of Green Buildings

by Malarthamil

The concept of Green Buildings envision a new approach to save water, energy and material resources in the construction and maintenance of the buildings and can reduce or eliminate the adverse impact of buildings on the environment and occupants…>> more

Angels & Demons – Bond with brains!

by Scorp

After the great success of ‘Da Vinci Code’, Robert Langdon has become a household name among world movie fans, and among high expectations, ‘Angels & Demons’ released last week in India. It features Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon, Ewan Mcgregor and Ayelet Zurer among the leading roles. The screenplay..>> more

Merit-By-Birth theory trashed

by Malarthamil

While the constitution for the Republic of India was framed, the polarized nature of the different groups and the relative forward and backward status (educational, economic and social) of different castes was envisioned to be balanced by an affirmative action that provided reservation in education and…>> more

The Deccan Chargers: a deadly combo!

by An alien Earthling

It’s not easy to be classified as a champion team when you finished dead last in last year’s championship. However, the Deccan Chargers from Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) have done just that – from the zeroes of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2008 to the undisputed…>> more

Pan’s Labyrinth (2006 Spanish Movie) – The angel and the tyrant

by Scorp

a wonderful film about the fantasies of a child. It beautifully unites the fairy world with the real world, as we see Ofelia’s three tasks combined together with the attacking of the guerillas by the captain. The cinematography is excellent, to say the least, accompanied by brilliant music and acting…>> more

99 – Hindi Movie: An inspired second innings

by Sudhish Kamath

Well, there are 99 reasons to watch this film: 1. It’s by the guys who gave us that wonderful little film called Flavors, 2. Crime+Comedy+Ensemble=Always Interesting, 3. Boman Irani makes even a compulsive gambler adorably human
…>> more

Veerapandyan – From Paratha Master to IAS Officer

by Malarthamil

Nine years back, he hit the news stands. G. Veerapandyan was the second rank holder in Geography in the Tamil Nadu State Class XII exams scoring 197 out of 200 in the year 2000. When the newsmen went in search of him, he was busy making parathas in a road side eatery in Madurai. In a dalit family of five living in a slum, Veerapandyan had to work at nights to meet the family expenses in his school days. Sometimes he was out of schools…>> more

Nothing but the Truth (2008 – English Movie)

by Vikadakavi

In 1972, Supreme Court ruled against the right of reporters to withhold the names of their sources before a grand jury, and it gave the power to the government to imprison those reporters who did. It was a five-four decision. Close. In his dissent,
…>> more

Rally in Chennai to mourn and pay homage to Tamils massacred in Ealem

by Malarthamil

This call for peace rally is made by Thirmavalavan, now an elected Member of Parliament in India. We all, the global citizens, shall mourn the death of our people and take a vow on that day to struggle for the Freedom and Justice for Ealem with more Valor and Determination. It is only the wise who can convert, Loss into Gain and Death into Life…>> more

Business & Economy


Sanitary napkins for poor women

by Malarthamil

In rural areas which are yet to transform to modernity owing to cultural liabilities, the girl students even hesitate to talk about their inconvenience and are shy of visiting a pharmacy or shop to ask for a napkin. Such difficulty is now removed as ..>> more

India not a country of doers: Infosys Narayanamurthy

by Ronin

When I was small, my father used to give me jaggery and neem on Ugadi day — the New Year day. We would try and throw out neem away and eat only the jaggery. He would not allow it. He would make us sit in front of him …> more

Technology: Wearable Sixth Sense by MIT lab

by Sunderapandyan

Pranav Mistry – a PhD student in the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT’s Media Lab is the genius behind Sixth Sense. Pranav gave an intriguing demo of the product that shows how the device paves the way for profound interaction with our environment… > more

Google Larry Page’s University of Michigan Commencement Address

by Vikadakavi

It is not easy to give a commencement speech. ie, a really useful & inspirational speech that penetrates the ears of the intelligent crowd. But some deliver such speeches. This is one such commencement speech delivered to 2009 graduates, by Google co-founder Larry Page… >> more

Sarvam – Tamil Movie Review: இழப்பின் வலி . .

by Scorp

Loss. Bereavement. Vengeance. This is what ‘Sarvam’ is, in a nutshell. Went to see Sarvam at Satyam Cinemas Saturday morning. It was a different experience, as we woke up at 7:15 and were rushing to the Theatre. Chennai was cool as a result of the Friday night’s heavy rain. The theatre was filled with a good crowd. The movie started …>> more

Luckylook, the Star Entertainer of Tamil blogs


by Ronin

If you are a reader of Tamil blogs, you don’t need an introduction to Luckylook. His blog has recently touched the 1 million hits mark. I felt it more appropriate to write a post . I was talking to a writer from chennai, She mentioned in passing, that the current younger generation’s biggest involvement is teasing each other (”Kalaithal”)…>> more

Delhi-6 Hindi Movie Review

by Kalam-e-Soch

When I went to watch the movie, I didn’t expect to “Lose my heart suddenly” and that is exactly what happened to me – “Dil Gira kahin par daffatan” (incidentally also a brilliant song with vibrant lyrics in the movie). The story dives into a sea of many intangible and interlinked issues..> more

Editors Pick

Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka

by Shekhar Kapur

Whatever the outcome of the battle in Sri Lanka, the world cannot stand by and see over 500,000 innocent men women and children be the victims in this war. Whatever the past, we cannot just be bystanders. Even the political fallout is extremely dangerous for us. If the battle for a separate Tamil State fails in Sri Lanka, those ambitions could easily be transferred to Tamil Nadu….> more

Open letter to Cho Ramaswamy – the strawman of Tamil politics

by Sunderapandyan

Mr. Cho Ramasamy the actor turned politician and editor/publisher of a Tamil weekly has recently appeared in few national television media to air his opinion on issues relating to the region. This is an open letter to Mr. Cho with reference to his recent interview published in The Economic Times. I hope Mr. Cho will be a good sport for appreciation/criticism…>> more

Zionists, Jihadists and Parivarists – Red on the street

by Ram Prasad

The colour of human blood is red irrespective of race, religion and nationality. What will the outcome of religious fanatism be? It is often claimed that only talibans are extremists. Yeah talibans are extremists there is no doubt about that. Recently a small group of Sikh community living in…> more

Tribute to Mr. V.P. Singh : “I am defeated, but..”

by Pamaran

In 1991, I got down at the New Delhi railway station. A casual look at the train standing in the front caused a big shock. Graffiti in big white letters written all over the train read…> more

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